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You probably already know of AAA. The company is a household name, known for world-class roadside assistance and travel planning, among other perks. But did you know that AAA offers an extended warranty for your vehicle?

Whether you’ve bought a new car or a pre-owned vehicle, AAA has you covered in the event of mechanical failure. In this review, we’re going to explore what the company has to offer with our AAA extended car warranty review.

What Does the AAA Extended Warranty Cover?

Your AAA warranty coverage may vary depending on where you live. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to look at AAA Carolinas.

In most geographic regions, you can purchase one of four AAA warranty tiers: Essential, Essential Plus, Comprehensive, and Exclusionary. You’ll also choose how long you want your coverage to last; coverage is purchased in 1 month and 1,000-mile increments. Again, this is specific to AAA Carolinas but is likely similar in your state.

Essential coverage covers the basics, the parts of your car most likely to cause issues. Your engine, air conditioning, cooling, and fuel systems, and the electrical components of your vehicle are a few examples. Essential is the least comprehensive of all AAA plans.

The next tier is Essential Plus. Essential Plus covers the basics of Essential coverage, but also includes suspension, ABS, steering, and some brake components.

Comprehensive includes everything the previous two tiers include but your audio system will also be covered with this AAA extended warranty.

Finally, the Exclusionary AAA extended warranty adds your navigation system to the list of covered vehicle systems. It’s also the tier you’ll choose if you have a hybrid vehicle.

In addition to your vehicle’s coverage, the AAA Extended Warranty will cover:

  • $35 per day in car rental reimbursements, up to five days.
  • Certain trip interruption coverages, up to $75 per day for up to three days.
  • One-time free battery replacement.
  • Self-approval of claims, a lifesaver if the AAA office is closed.

As you can see, even the Essential AAA extended car warranty coverage can give you peace of mind on the road. Let’s look a bit further into the service.

How Much Does AAA Extended Car Warranty Cost?

Depending upon where you live, your AAA extended warranty coverage will be underwritten by an insurance company. In the Carolinas, this is Westco Insurance Company. Check with your nearby AAA office to confirm this is the underwriter for your plan.

If the warranty that was included with your vehicle has expired, AAA extended car warranty may be an affordable option for you. When you take into account the services even the essential coverage offers, you’ll see what we mean.

For a term of 6 years or 60,000 miles, the cost AAA Carolinas charges to cover a passenger pickup is around $476 per year. For the Exclusionary coverage, that price rises to $513. We love that the coverage is also offered with a payment plan. You’ll make a down payment, then the cost of your coverage can be paid for over 24 months.

Remember that the region where you live, the type of car you drive, and your AAA membership status will impact the price you pay for the AAA extended car warranty. Call your regional AAA office and you can receive a quote for this coverage in minutes.

AAA Extended Car Warranty Review Conclusion

AAA is a service-oriented business that has been around since 1902. Over a century of reliable roadside assistance, insurance coverage and travel partnership have made the company a household name.

It’s important to remember that AAA isn’t a single entity; instead, it’s a federation of motorclubs across the United States. That having been said, the service you receive is sometimes only as good and reliable as your local service shop.

Even with that in mind, AAA extended car warranty service ranks highly with consumers for stable and solid assistance in times of uncertainty. The price of the coverage is certainly an added bonus – but be sure you factor the negligible cost of your AAA membership into the amount you pay.

Overall, we recommend that you consider AAA extended warranty if your vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s warranty, if you’re on the road frequently, or if you just want additional peace of mind when your battery dies or your brakes begin to whine. AAA offers a 30-60 day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind about subscribing to the service, AAA agents are more than happy to assist with your refund.