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The windshield is an essential part of your car and allows you to see forward. Without a clear view, you can’t see or drive properly. To help prevent accidents, you need to make sure the windshield stays free of dirt and debris. Here’s how to clean a car windshield inside.

What Materials and Equipment Do You Need to Clean a Car Windshield?

Cleaning a car windshield requires different materials, tools, and equipment. With the right tools, your windshield will spark, shine, and provide you with a clear view of the road. The equipment and materials you need to clean your interior windshield include:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • A microfiber towel or cloth
  • Glass cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Wipers
  • Detailing clay

Some of these items are interchangeable, so if you don’t have a specific item, you can substitute it.

How to Clean the Interior Windshield of a Car

To correctly clean the interior windshield of a car, there are different steps you need to take.


When you’re cleaning the interior windshield, make sure you’re using a sturdy, but gently scrub pad. Soak the scrub pad in glass cleaner and apply the cleanser to the lower part of the vehicle’s windshield. Gently scrub the inside windshield with the scrub pad until the windshield is spotless. Make sure the scrub pad is damp and not soaking wet to obtain the most effective clean and favorable results. Avoid using water on the windshield because they cause spots.


Using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the windshield to remove any excess glass cleaner. It’s a good idea to keep the cloth in the car to keep dirt and debris to a minimum.

Remove Filth and Stubborn Stains

You can use detailing clay to remove dust and grease from the corners of the windshield. Using detailing clay will help you maintain a crystal-clear windshield.

The Adventures of Dirt and Grime

You may be wondering how your car’s windshield got dirty. Dirt and grime are the most common forms of debris found on a windshield. You may notice a thin film of dirt present on the windshield, which comes from driving and parking in dusty areas.

Grime can also be present on the inside part of the windshield in the form of fingerprints or a film. Outside air that travels through the vents of your car can also contribute to a buildup of dirt.

The Problem With UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) help with the production of dirt and grime on a windshield, especially during warm temperatures. Heat interacts with UV rays on the plastic and glass, which leads to the release of chemicals and particles. The release of these chemicals and particles creates a thin layer of dirt that adheres to the interior windshield.

Nicotine Buildup

Did you know your car’s windshield can obtain a dirty appearance due to tar and nicotine buildup if you smoke tobacco cigarettes in the car? Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause a light-yellow, sticky tint on the inside of the windshield.

How to Clean the Interior Windshield Without Streaks

One of the most frustrating aspects of cleaning a windshield is streaks. The good news is cleaning glass without streaks is not a complicated process. Microfiber cleaning rags are the key to preventing streaks. As far as the cleaning solution is concerned, you can purchase the solution from the store or make your own. If you decide to make your own cleaning solution, it needs to be a mixture of water, alcohol, and vinegar. This cleaning mixture should have a 70%, 20%, and 10% ratio.

In order to prevent streaks on your windshield, you need to first dry clean the surface to remove dust and residual dirt. Next, you need to spray the cleaning solution on the cleaning rag and gently wipe the windshield from side to side. Use a dry cleaning rag to remove the excess cleaning solution from the windshield and dry the windshield.

How to Remove Haze From A Windshield

Sometimes you may notice a hazy or cloudy film on your windshield, which can be caused by a clogged cabin air filter or a faulty heater core. A magic eraser is excellent for removing haze from a windshield. If you want to use a magic eraser, spray the eraser lightly with your choice of cleaning solutions and gently remove excess dirt from the windshield.

How to Maintain a Clean Windshield

It’s a good idea to clean your windshield every two to three weeks. A clean windshield prevents grime and dirt from obstructing your view of the road, other drivers, and pedestrians, which helps prevent auto accidents. Did you know a clean windshield helps your car’s defroster work more efficiently? Use circular motions to remove the most dust and dirt. You can use absorbent paper towels or a dry microfiber towel to help keep dust and dirt to a minimum in between deep cleaning.

Are There Local Laws for Windshield Cleaning?

Most states in the United States have specific laws that pertain to your car’s windshield. Your vehicle’s windshield can’t obstruct your view of the road. This rule applies to your front and rear windshields. Dirt, grime, dust, cracks, and similar debris and damages need to be addressed immediately to avoid receiving a traffic ticket. In some states, your vehicle will not pass a state inspection with a cracked or excessively dirty windshield.

Do I Have to Use a Specific Cleaning Agent to Properly Clean My Windshield?

No. You can use a variety of household cleaners, such as rubbing alcohol, dish liquid, and other cleaning agents that remove grease. You can also use vinegar or a generic auto glass cleanser to maintain a clear windshield.

When it’s time to make your windshield sparkle and shine, you don’t have to worry about using a special, expensive windshield tool. A simple cleaning solution, such as glass cleaner and a dry microfiber towel will help you get the job done. Falling dust and other debris don’t stand a chance!