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Maybe you have heard of the Costco Auto Program, but you just don’t know how it works. Let’s change that.

The Costco Auto Program: What Is It & How It Works

The Costco Auto Program is designed to connect Costco warehouse members with various car dealerships in the local area that offer discounts and reduced rates. The program is made to make the car buying process easier and help Costco members find the best deals. The auto program was first created in 1989 and has served more than 2 million members since 2016.

The program works with participating dealerships that they can refer their customers to when it’s time to shop around for a new or used vehicle. The dealerships allow customers to take advantage of reduced prices when they call their Costco service center. Customers also have the option of visiting to find a specific make and model they want to purchase. The website provides you with the contact info of the auto dealership that has the make and model of your choice. is also useful because it helps you compare the different reviews and determine how much you can expect to pay with the monthly car payments. Customers can expect to have a more thorough and detailed experience when shopping for a new car.

The program isn’t operated by Costco but is run by Affinity Auto Programs, Inc., which specializes in offering a better buying experience to drivers. It supports both new and pre-owned vehicles. Costco handles all the details once you submit your lead. The prices you obtain aren’t negotiable, which can makes it a quicker, lower-stress, car-buying process.

All dealerships and salespeople are vetted in advance to ensure they’re reputable and can be trusted. Costco members can feel confident with contacting the dealership and interacting with sales teams that have been properly trained without worrying having the price of the vehicle they are interested in being misrepresented.

The dealerships associated with the Costco Auto Program Review agree to honor Costco’s price agreement while treating customers with respect. Costco requires the employees at the dealerships to have experience working at the establishment for at least six months and are regularly reviewed based on the customer satisfaction scores.

At times, Costco even uses hidden shoppers to ensure the car dealerships are honoring their commitment to providing excellent customer service. If any issues are discovered, Costco drops the dealership from its program.

Is Costco Auto Buying Program A Good Deal?

The Costco Auto Program can definitely save customers money because it connects them with dealerships that are willing to mark down their prices. The prices have already been reduced before the customer arrives at the dealership.

The Costco Auto buying program is a good deal because it can save you time when it comes to looking around for a car to buy. It can also prevent you from spending too much time at the dealership attempting to negotiate the price of the car.

The program connects customers to more than 3,000 dealerships throughout the U.S., making it easy to find the best deals available. The dealerships pay a fee to Costco to have access to their broad customer base.

What Are The Benefits Of The Costco Auto Program?

The Costco Auto Program is a great option for those who don’t want to haggle over the price of a car and want a simple and straightforward process. Every price is already negotiated on behalf of Costco members. The overall price that Costco provides the customer with includes details about the rebates, savings, and costs incurred. Customers always have the option of walking away if they aren’t happy with the deal.

There are also many benefits to using the website, which allows customers to compare different vehicles, view safety information, use a finance calculator to determine the car monthly payment, compare leasing to buying, see available rebates and incentives, and review road test results.

Those who don’t want to purchase their car online through the program have the option of calling Costco’s call center to talk to a representative who offers assistance. They can help the customer with each step before obtaining the dealership’s contact information.

The vehicles that the customer can choose from include the major car brands like Honda, Toyota, and Audi and allow each person to find cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs, ATVs, UTVs, and even jet skis. The used vehicles that are available to purchase have undergone thorough inspections and repairs. Many of the pre-owned models even come with extended warranties.

An additional benefit of this program is the availability of different types of savings and incentives that are available on top of the discounted prices. Customers can have access to specials that are available for a limited time for thousands of dollars in savings. Most of the deals are active for an average of 60 days.

Can You Lease A Car Through Costco Auto Program?

Yes, leased car options are available to customers through the program. The website or call center is available to locate a dealer and find the best deals in the local area, specifically for models that can be leased.

How Much Discount Can You Get With The Costco Auto Program?

When you use the Costco Auto Program, you can expect to save on average, $1,000 off the price of a new car. Costco members can also get a 15 percent discount on all accessories, service, and parts for increased savings with their car ownership. The discounts are available at participating service centers, whether you need an oil change or extensive repairs. Not only is the car purchased for a discounted rate, but the savings are ongoing when it comes to providing maintenance to the vehicle and caring for it long-term through the program.