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You need to make a quick buck and your car has outlived its usefulness, now what?

The process of selling a car can be longwinded and complicated. You have to communicate with buyers, offer test drives, check the asking price, and then deal with all of the paperwork.

But if you want to sell your car quickly, there are a few options at your disposal.

Sell Your Car on Craigslist and Facebook

Although it may not seem like the quickest option, posting your car on Facebook and Craigslist will help to get the ball rolling.

Post it this morning and you could have some offers by the evening. If your other methods fail you and you still have the car a week from now, you can revisit that Craigslist or Facebook Ad and see what interest it has generated.

If you manage to sell your car elsewhere, you can always just remove the ad and reject the offers.

It’s not just strangers that will buy your car through Facebook. You can also advertise it to your friends, family members, and friends of friends. Everyone is connected these days and if anyone knows someone looking to buy a car, they will connect you.

There is more of a trust element here and if you’re willing to give those familiar buyers a very good price, they’ll take it off your hands for a quick cash sum.

Sell to a Junk Car Buyer

Selling a car to a junk car buyer is quick and easy. You won’t get anywhere near the market value but you also won’t have to deal with private buyers and car dealers.

Of course, it’s not the best option for a nearly-new car, nor is it a particularly good option for a fully operational one, but scrapping a car doesn’t mean that you’re just getting the value of the metal.

The junkyard will also consider the parts that can be salvaged from your vehicle, and if these are newer and higher quality, you’ll get more cash.

Sell to Dealerships or Car Buying Services

When the car is in good condition, you can get a respectable cash amount by going through a car dealership or a car buying service like Peddle.

These companies will take the hassle out of selling your vehicle. You don’t need to worry about test drives and you don’t need to deal with inquisitive buyers or scams.

Selling your car using these companies couldn’t be easier, although you won’t get as much as you would by selling it to a private buyer.

Reduce the Asking Price

One of the first steps to selling a car is to check the Kelley Blue Book and check the market value. It will give you an idea of how much your car is worth and what you should list it for.

If you are hoping for a quick sale, just reduce the asking price and you should get much more interest when you post the car online. Buyers generally know what they are looking for and they have a good idea about the market, so it’ll be much easier to sell.

Of course, you will also get less money and the lower you go, the less sense it makes to sell your car using a private buyer.

If you’re going down this route, it’s worth checking with a car buying service first just to see what they can offer you. Compare this to the market value and list a price that falls somewhere in the middle of the two.