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Want to know how to sell a junk car? The process is actually pretty simple. Not only are there a glut of junk car buyers ready to take your unwanted vehicle off your hands (and your driveway/lawn), but it’s very easy to get a quote and it usually ends with a few hundred bucks.

With that said, let’s take a look at the process for selling a junk car quickly:

Step One: Prepare to Sell Your Junk Car

Before you do anything, you should speak with your local DMV to see if there are any steps that you need to take. If the car was totaled, for instance, you will need a salvage certificate. You can also arrange for a form that will remove all liability in the event that the car is re-sold at a later date.

They will also tell you what you need to do with the license plates once they have been removed from your junk car.

The rules change from state to state, so check with your local DMV website to see which rules apply to you.

Step Two: Salvage What You Need

When determining the value of your vehicle, an auto salvage yard will consider the parts as well as the scrap. However, as with anything else, you can get more for those parts if you sell them yourself.

In fact, some of the parts that can earn you a few bucks on the open market will not even be considered in the final offer.

If you have a use for certain parts, whether because you think you can sell them or you intend to use them, keep them. But don’t keep them just for the sake of it-there’s no point in taking up extra space in your garage if someone is ready to take them off your hands right now.

You will also need to tell the junkyard about the parts you have removed when it comes time to sell.

Step Three: Contact Junk Car Buyers

You will find hundreds of junkyards on this site. You can use our simple navigation to search by state and city and we have included a zip code and phone number for each listing, along with a website address where applicable.

It makes it easier to find the right buyer for your junk car. Just navigate to your region, browse through the options and start contacting the phone numbers listed.

The process of getting a quote should take just a few minutes. A reputable scrap yard will always provide you with a cash offer and should be able to provide you with free towing at a time that suits you. They will also take cars of any type and all conditions.

Don’t accept the first cash offer that you receive, though. You should contact multiple companies if you want the best price for your car.

Step Four: Prepare Your Car to be Scrapped

It’s time to remove all of your personal belongings from the vehicle. Dig between and underneath the seats to look for loose change, keys, keepsakes, and other items that may have slipped away.

Remove any custom extras that you have installed in the vehicle. Including the sound system and seat accessories.

Don’t remove any original car parts at this stage, as you may be going against the agreement you made with the buyer.

Step Five: Make Sure They Honor Their Cash Offer

One of the oldest tricks in the book is for the towing company to appear with a lower cash amount than you initially agreed. They might tell you that the price has changed because the value of scrap has dropped or that you have to pay for the towing. Don’t listen to them and don’t accept a cent less.

If you refuse to accept the offer, it’s more inconvenient for them than it is for you. They will have wasted the journey and the service; you can just phone another company and sell your junk car elsewhere.

If you stand your ground, you should find that the rest of the cash makes a miraculous appearance.

How Much Can You Sell a Dead Car For?

It all depends on the scrap metal value and whether there are any salvageable parts. If we assume that there is very little salvage value and it’s all about the scrap, you should still be offered $200 or so. It’s not a huge amount, but it usually includes the cost of sending a tow truck to pick up the junk car.

How Else Can I Sell Junk Cars?

You can sell a junk vehicle to a car dealership. You can also use it as a trade-in. You won’t always get the most money this way, however. The dealership will need to sell it on and they will either find a buyer or just offload it for scrap and parts.

If you don’t really need the money and want to do your bit for charity, you can donate your vehicle instead. It will go through a similar process, only the car will be used to generate funds for good causes.