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It’s the Natural State! However, most people just call it Arkansas. Selling a salvage car probably isn’t the most exciting thing that will happen in your life, but if you’re ready to get it done. We can help. Let’s junk a car in Arkansas!

What is a Salvaged Car in Arkansas?

Each state has its definition of a salvaged car. In Arkansas, a salvage car is a vehicle that has suffered damage that is equal to or exceeds 70% of its average retail value. In general, auto insurance companies refer to these vehicles as “total losses”. A salvaged car can also be a vehicle that sustained water damage due to being submerged in a level of water above the dashboard.

Depending on the severity of the damage and the car’s owner, or auto insurance company’s decision, the car may have the following labels:

  • Junk
  • Non-repairable
  • Parts only

If your car has either of the above-listed notations, your car can’t be registered to be driven EVER.

Understanding Your Car’s Actual Cash Value

One thing you need to know is your car’s actual cash value. The actual cash value is used to determine the market value of your vehicle in its current condition and age. The ACV is also used to determine the amount of money that would be needed to replace your vehicle with a vehicle of comparable quality.

How Do You Sell a Salvage Car in Arkansas?

First, we’ll make it clear that selling a salvage car is NOT illegal in Arkansas. However, there are specific steps you must take to ensure you’re selling the car correctly to avoid different penalties and fees, such as disclosing that your car is a salvage. Choosing not to disclose the salvage status of your vehicle is ILLEGAL, so you must tell all potential buyers about your car’s salvage condition in the car’s selling description.

As the car’s seller, you are responsible for informing the buyer that your car is a salvage and providing the required paperwork, which includes the Arkansas salvage title and the Salvage Title Buyers Notification (Form REV 2016). Failure to provide the required information and paperwork violates Arkansas consumer protection laws and can result in criminal charges.

Since you’re the car’s buyer, you need to protect yourself and avoid these penalties and possible fees by obtaining a vehicle history report and having a qualified mechanic inspect your salvage car.

Full Disclosure of Information

Yes, we’ve said it hundreds of times, and we’ll repeat it. You are required by Arkansas law to disclose ALL information about the salvage car you’re trying to sell. It may seem like you can sell your car quickly if you don’t disclose the issues the car has, which may be true, but the consequences aren’t worth the trouble. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to take the car off your hands. Be open and honest about the car’s condition.

Are There Salvaged Vehicle Restrictions in Arkansas?

Of course, there are. In most states, including Arizona, salvage vehicles are considered unsafe to drive on roads and highways, and it’s illegal to operate these vehicles in Arkansas because they aren’t roadworthy. The good news is you can keep the car, rebuild it, and hit the open road again! You’ll have to pass a vehicle inspection and take other steps, but once you complete the process, you’ll be on the road in no time.

Can You Sell a Salvaged Car Without the Title in Arkansas?

No. It is illegal to sell a salvaged car without a title in Arkansas. If you’ve misplaced the car’s title, you can apply for an Arkansas duplicate car title by completing an Arkansas Vehicle Registration Application (Form 10-381).

Is the Car’s Title an Essential Document?

The car’s title also referred to as a certificate of title, is an essential document. A car title is a legal document that provides proof of ownership of a vehicle. On the title, you will find your name and the following information:

  • Year, make, and model of the vehicle (may include the body type of the vehicle)
  • Vehicle color
  • Odometer reading
  • The date on which the odometer reading was done
  • Owner or owners of the vehicle
  • Owner’s address
  • The date on which the title was issued

A car’s title can also include the following:

  • Title number
  • The vehicle’s weight
  • The number of cylinders in the engine
  • The engine number
  • The type of fuel used in the car
  • The license plate number

Some states will require information regarding flood damage or a “salvage” label will be included on the car’s title. The car title should have the signature of one or multiple state officials who are in charge of motor vehicles or revenue collection, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Transportation (DOT), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), and similar motor vehicle departments.

Can You Sell a Salvaged Car Without the Car’s Registration in Arkansas?

You can sell a salvaged car without the registration. In Arkansas, however, it is illegal to sell a salvaged vehicle without telling the buyer about the car’s salvaged condition. If you have the car’s title, you can use this document as proof of ownership instead of the car’s registration.

How to Get a Salvage Car Title in Arkansas

Getting a salvage certificate in Arkansas depends on if you kept your vehicle after it was damaged or if you gave it to your auto insurance company. Suppose your auto insurance company declared your car a salvage, and you gave the car to them as part of a total loss settlement. In that case, the auto insurance company is responsible for applying for the salvaged car title. You must provide the insurance company with the car’s original title and it must be properly assigned.

However, if you choose to keep your vehicle, whether you deal with your auto insurance company or declare the car a salvage on your own, you are responsible for applying for a salvage certificate by providing the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles (AR OMV) with the following:

  • A completed Declaration of Damage for a Salvage Motor Vehicle (REV 2009)
  • The original Arkansas title certificate
  • Payment for the $10 title fee and all other applicable fees

You can contact your local AR OMV branch for specific costs.

Arkansas Rebuilt VIN Inspection Requirements

In Arkansas, instead of a rebuilt vehicle inspection, this state has VIN inspections. However, don’t confuse this rebuilt vehicle inspection with a VIN check. The VIN check allows a car buyer to view the history of a car before purchasing it.

When is an Arkansas VIN Verification Required?

An Arkansas VIN verification is required if you are bringing a vehicle from out of state, and the vehicle has been significantly damaged due to specific circumstances. Generally speaking, damaged vehicles coming into Arkansas will have one of the following titles:

  • Salvage title – this title indicates that the repairs that damaged vehicles would have to endure were estimated to exceed 70 percent of the vehicle’s market price.
  • Rebuilt title – a rebuilt car title is often referred to as a prior salvage title, indicating that the vehicle was at one point categorized as salvage. However, if the repairs were made, and the car is once again deemed roadworthy.
  • Parts-only title – a parts-only title is also referred to as a “not for registration” title, and it’s a document that indicates that the car has been severely damaged, and doesn’t have a traditional market price. Instead, certain parts of the vehicle are suitable for sale.
  • Water-damaged title – this title is issued to vehicles that were immersed in water to the point their dashboards were completely underwater. In general, a water-damaged car title is applied regardless of how much damage the car sustained.

If your vehicle was severely damaged, in Arkansas, you won’t be required to have a car verification inspection in the state. However, you will be required to obtain a salvage car title. If you are bringing an out-of-state vehicle to the state of Arkansas, it doesn’t need to have one of the above-listed vehicle labels and you won’t be required to request an inspection.

Why is a VIN Inspection Performed?

The purpose of an Arkansas vehicle inspection is to verify your ownership of the car you’re bringing from a different state. This procedure is also essential for ensuring that the vehicle is suitable for operating on state roads, known as being roadworthy.

What Documents Do You Need to Take to an Arkansas VIN Inspection?

You must submit all vehicle ownership documents. If you have them, you need to have the vehicle’s title and registration, and a state-issued credential, such as your ID or driver’s license. You will also need to bring the vehicle with you to your VIN inspection.

How Do You Register a Salvaged Car in Arkansas?

You won’t be able to register a salvaged car in Arkansas. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although you can’t register a salvaged car, you can rebuild the salvage car, pass the VIN inspection, and you’ll be good to go!

Arkansas Vehicle Registration Fees

As you probably know, there are fees for everything, and Arkansas is no different. The AR OMV registration fees are based on the following:

  • The gross weight of your vehicle
  • The type of vehicle you own (such as a car, truck, or motorcycle)
  • Title fees
  • License plate type
  • City and county taxes

While specific totals may vary based on the above-listed variables, the base vehicle registration fees and taxes in Arkansas are the following:

  • Title and Registration Fees:
    • Passenger cars and motor homes:
      • 3,000 lbs. or less: $17
      • 3,001 to 4,500 lbs.: $25
      • 4,501 lbs. or more: $30
    • Trucks and vans: $21
    • Motorcycles:
      • Less than 250cc: $3
      • 250cc or more $7
  • Taxes:
    • 6.5% of the taxable price of any vehicle with a purchase price of at least $4,000. (For Texarkana residents, sales tax is 7%)
    • Local taxes, if applicable based on where you live (local taxes will not exceed $25 for each 1% of the tax due)

There is also a standard validation decal fee that will apply to all Arkansas-registered vehicles. You can view the AR OMV’s fee schedule chart here to determine how much you will be expected to pay. If you have any questions or concerns about calculating your fee, feel free to contact the OMV at (501) 682-4692.

Late Registration Fees

You have 30 days to register your vehicle. Once this time has passed, you will be subject to the following Arkansas late registration fees:

  • Late registration: $3 for every 10 days you do not complete your registration
  • Late payment of sales tax: 10% of the amount you owe for your sales tax.

Arkansas Non-Use Registration Fee Waiver

If you have registered your vehicle within the 30-day timeframe, but you still need to operate it in the meantime, you are not required to pay any late registration fees. You will need to complete and submit an Affidavit of Non-Use (Form 10-300) to claim your late fee exemption. You can obtain this form from any Arkansas OMV branch.

Arkansas Transfer Fee

The cost to transfer your registration, such as transferring the car’s tags and license plate(s) to a different vehicle you own is $1. You are required to pay the difference in fees if you are transferring your vehicle registration to a vehicle in a higher weight class, such as a car registration to a truck or van. There are NO refunds for transferring from a higher-weight class vehicle to a lower-weight vehicle class, such as a half-ton truck to a car.

How is an Arkansas Salvage Title Different from a Rebuilt Car Title?

A salvage title is a title the severely damaged cars have BEFORE the car is rebuilt. This title is assigned to vehicles that have damages that are at least 70% of the value of the car, or flooded cars that have been immersed in water up to the dashboard. Arkansas rebuilt car titles are given to cars that once had a salvage title and have been repaired and meet Arkansas’ safety requirements.

Cars that have a salvage title are not roadworthy at this point and can’t be driven on roads or highways. However, once you make the necessary repairs and pass the safety inspection, you can get a rebuilt car title, register the car, and hit the road!

How is an Arkansas Salvage Title Different from an Arkansas Junk Title?

Salvage titles and junk titles are often misunderstood, so if you don’t know the difference, don’t feel bad. A lot of people don’t. A salvage title and a junk title have similarities, however, the differences are what’s important. Salvage titles give cars with this label a second chance at life because they can be repaired and driven again.

Junk titles on the other hand can’t be rebuilt or driven again, even if you make repairs. The only thing you can do with a car that has a junk title is take it to a junkyard. The good news is you can make a few bucks by junking your car. Make sure you have the car’s title or registration card to make the junking process easier.

Who Buys Salvage Cars Near Me in Arkansas?

You have a lot of different options when it comes to salvage yards in Arkansas. We didn’t list all the salvage yards, but we listed a handful of Arkansas salvage yards with awesome reviews to help you get started.

Hwy S Auto Sales & Salvage
5721 Stagecoach Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 455-0024
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Sonny’s Auto Salvage
3251 Arkansas Highway 294
Jacksonville, AR 72076
(501) 982-7451
Monday – Wednesday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Thursday – Sunday (Closed)

Walker’s Auto Ranch & Salvage, LLC
2300 Springs, AR 71901
(501) 321-2852
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 4 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Searcy Auto Salvage
3667 AR-367
Searcy, AR 72143
(501) 268-5824
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday (8 AM – 12 PM)
Sunday (Closed)

Can You Insure a Salvage Title Car in Arkansas?

No. You can’t insure a salvage title car in Arkansas, but you can repair your salvage car and apply for a rebuilt salvage title, after you pass the safety inspection, of course. Be advised that your auto insurance premiums will probably be more than they would for a car that doesn’t have a rebuilt salvage title.

Can I Salvage My Car Without a Title in Arkansas?

It’s best if you have the salvage car’s title when you junk the car. If you have lost or misplaced the salvage title, you may be able to apply for a duplicate salvage title, by visiting your local Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration branch. You will need the following to receive your duplicate Arkansas salvage car title:

  • A completed vehicle registration application
  • Permission to Issue a Replacement Title Form (if applicable)
  • Payment for the $10 Arkansas vehicle title replacement fee

You may also be able to salvage your car with an Arkansas junkyard that doesn’t require a car title. In this scenario, you can provide proof of ownership using the car’s registration card.

More about Selling a Salvage Car in Arkansas

Selling a car can be overwhelming and selling a salvage car can be even more frustrating. Since you’re selling a salvage car, you are required to follow the Arkansas salvage car rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines help you make sure you have the required forms and payment(s), so you don’t have any issues down the line.

Is My Car Exempt From the Arkansas Salvage Car Laws?

Excellent question! According to the AR OMV, your vehicle is exempt from Arkansas salvage car laws if both of the following statements were true when the car was damaged:

  1. The car was registered in Arkansas
  2. The car was more than 7 model years old when the accident occurred

Will a Rebuilt Title Affect My Car’s Value?

Of course, it will! Think of your rebuilt car as a damaged item in a store. You can still sell the car, but because of the damages your car sustained, even when you repair the car, is still considered damaged goods, and can’t be sold at the price an undamaged car would be sold.

Since you have a salvage car, the car won’t have a clean title, meaning a car that hasn’t been in an accident. Keep in mind that your car was deemed a salvage by you or your auto insurance company. Regardless of the necessary repairs you made and any “extras” you added, the price will not be worth as much as a car that has never been in an accident or a car that doesn’t have a salvage title.

Speaking of receiving money, it’s important to be a transparent seller, which means you need to disclose as much information about the car as possible. Potential buyers will likely have questions about the car, and you need to make sure you answer them TRUTHFULLY. Keeping all receipts and copies of the repairs that were made will help you establish trust with potential car buyers, and help you attract the ideal buyer for your car.

Getting the Most Money for Your Salvage Car in Arkansas

Although you won’t receive top dollar for your salvage car, we’ll help you receive the maximum amount of money for your salvage car. Deal? Cool! In this instance, the amount of money you receive for an untitled car depends on how you decide to sell the car. The good news is there are a lot of different platforms you can use to help you sell your salvage car. Be advised that some methods of selling your salvage car will be slower than others.

If you’re selling your car in a private sale (another individual), the process will likely take more time than other methods, and you probably won’t make as much as you were hoping. Selling your car to another person is an excellent option if you’re not pressed for cash and want to take your time and find your ideal buyer.

Another option you have is to sell your salvage car to a junk car buyer. Selling your car to a junkyard is a great option if you want to sell your car and receive your funds quickly. Junkyards pay a fixed rate for your salvage car. You don’t have to worry about too much paperwork, and the car is out of sight, out of mind.

You can also sell your car for parts. Parting out your car can get you the most money, however, it can be a slow and long process to sell all the parts. Selling your car for parts is a good option if you’re not in a rush to sell your car and you have time on your hands to assess the car’s parts and price each part.

Selling Your Car As-Is

Selling your car as-is is the best option if you want your salvage car gone quickly and easily. When you sell your car as-is, you don’t have to worry about making repairs. The car buyers see is the car they get. It will be up to the buyer to make the necessary repairs to make the car legal to drive and anything else they want to do regarding the car. Once you sign the car title over, you’re done!

There’s one thing you need to consider when you’re selling your salvage car as-is. Because of the salvage title that your car has, a lot of buyers will be reluctant to take a second look at it because of the repairs that will need to be made, and of course, this means buyers have to spend money to repair it, in addition to paying for the car. However, salvage cars are great for attracting mechanics and DIY gurus who are looking for a hobby.

Disclosing Information

When you write the car’s description to be sold, regardless of the platform you use, you need to make sure you disclose all information about the car, especially about the car being a salvage. It’s also important to include information about how you used the car, such as for work, to and from school, or other ways you used the car. You also want to let potential buyers know that you have the required paperwork, such as the car’s title, and repair receipts (if you rebuilt the car), to give the buyer peace of mind. Having the proper paperwork can also help you sell your car quicker.

How Do You Apply for a Rebuilt Car Title in Arkansas?

Once you receive your Arkansas salvage certificate, you can get to work on repairing/rebuilding your car. After the car’s repairs are complete, you will need to apply for an Arkansas rebuilt salvage title.

To apply for a rebuilt car title in Arkansas, you need to visit your local AR OMV branch and do/submit the following:

  • A completed Affidavit of Reconstruction for a Salvage Motor Vehicle (REV 2009)
  • You must provide information about the following:
    • Who repaired/rebuilt the vehicle
    • All parts that were repaired or replaced including VINs of the vehicle(s) from which they were obtained
  • Payment for all required AR fees (be prepared to pay the $10 AR title fee and all other applicable fees

Once you complete the above-listed steps, you should be able to register your car and legally drive it on roads and highways. Congratulations!

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Rebuilt Title in Arkansas?

You should give the AR OMV at least three weeks from the time you submit your application and other information to review the application, process it, and send it to you in the mail. The sooner you make the necessary repairs and pass the Arkansas VIN inspection, the sooner you can start the retitling process.

You just learned how to sell a salvage car in Arkansas. Congratulations!