How To Sell A Salvage Car In Florida

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If your vehicle has been totaled, it probably has a salvage title. In most states, it’s very difficult to insure—and may be illegal to drive—a salvage title vehicle. Florida is no exception. It’s against the law to drive a salvage car in the Sunshine State, because these vehicles are deemed unsafe and unroadworthy. 

So what do you do with your car once it’s no longer drivable? Most drivers choose to sell. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to sell a salvage title car in Florida. 

How to Sell a Salvage Title Car in Florida

Some car owners hold onto their vehicles for sentimental reasons. Maybe your car was the one you took your wife on your first date in. Maybe it was passed down to you from your father, who took great care of it. Then, there are auto owners who simply can’t wait to get a salvage vehicle out of the driveway. 

It would be illegal to drive your salvage title car in Florida. That means that no matter how loved your vehicle is, it’s just going to sit in your garage. Unless you plan to rebuild the vehicle, its condition will only worsen with time. 

Why not get a few bucks for your car while you still can? There are typically three ways auto owners sell their cars:

  1. Parting the vehicle out. This means selling the car piece by piece to others who are looking for engines, transmissions, and other parts that are cheaper than new. Parting a vehicle takes time and patience, as well as a bit of mechanical know-how. If you have none of these, consider another option. 
  2. Selling as-is. It’s perfectly legal to buy and sell salvage title cars in Florida. However, it’s important that you be upfront about the condition of the vehicle’s title. Misrepresenting a vehicle can get you in some serious legal trouble. 
  3. Scrapping the car. Junkyards and scrap yards don’t pay top dollar for your salvaged car, but the money is quick and guaranteed. This is the best option for people who just want the car gone and don’t care about a large payout. 

How you sell your car is up to you but remember that you probably won’t get your car’s full value. There’s simply too much risk to the buyer—mechanically, anything could go wrong with the vehicle. 

Getting the Most Money for your Salvage Motor Vehicle

In today’s digital world, the venues through which you can sell your salvage car. Online is usually the best and easiest option, as there are quite a few sales platforms you can use. Here are a few:

As we mentioned, scrapping your vehicle is not going to net you a lot of money. Scrap yards will pay a few hundred dollars for your car—usually not much more than a thousand. However, the process is quick and painless, and sometimes you can get paid the same day you list your car. 

For a bit more money, you can part out your car. People will pay quite a bit for good car parts. Again, however, this takes time and patience. 

One of the best ways to sell a salvage car in Florida is through an auction site. Look around at what’s available, and remember that eBay isn’t the only auction site out there! Create an honest, full disclosure listing for your vehicle and pay any associated listing fees. Set a reserve price and watch the bids roll in! 

Finally, you may opt to sell your car through a free sales platform like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can get a decent price for your vehicle on these sites, but there are two cons: tire kickers and people who want to haggle you to death. 

We can’t stress it enough: no matter where you sell your salvage car in Florida, it’s imperative that you offer full disclosure on the condition of your car. An angry buyer is no joke, and you can find yourself in a courtroom quickly if you’re not honest. 

Summary: Selling a Rebuilt Title or Salvage Title Car in Florida

The process of selling a salvage vehicle in Florida is not much different from selling a clean title vehicle. Just be forthcoming about the car, lower your expectations, and if you have any questions or issues, consult the Florida DMV.