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There may come a time when you want or need to sell your salvage car. No worries! We’re salvage car experts, and we’re here to help. Each state has regulations for selling salvage cars. Let’s talk about selling your salvage car in Louisiana.

How Does the State of Louisiana Define a Salvaged Car?

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (LA OMV) defines a salvaged car as a “total loss” vehicle or a vehicle that is severely damaged to the extent that it would cost at least 75% more of the vehicle’s fair market value to restore it to safe and legal operational standards.

After your auto insurance provider declares your vehicle a total loss, you have 30 days from the auto insurance claim settlement to apply for your LA salvaged car title if you decide to keep your vehicle.

What Are Auto Insurance Settlement Claims?

Auto insurance settlements are claims made to your auto insurance provider when your vehicle is damaged. You can accept a full or partial settlement since your vehicle has been deemed a salvage. Let’s look into both settlement claims.

Full Settlements

In a full settlement, your auto insurance provider keeps your vehicle and pays you for damages. The vehicle will no longer be your responsibility.

Partial Settlements

You will keep your car with a partial settlement, and obtaining a salvage title will be your responsibility. You will receive partial damages for the vehicle. Since you’re keeping the car, you can junk it, sell it, repair and rebuild it, and obtain a rebuilt car title.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your options with a salvaged vehicle in Louisiana, speak with your auto insurance provider or contact your local OMV branch.

Louisiana Salvage Car Eligibility

Louisiana vehicle owners may be required to apply for an LA DMV salvage title by completing the mandatory procedure and ensuring their vehicle meets specific eligibility criteria. You may be issued a salvage certificate in the name of your auto insurance provider, its authorized agent, or your name. In this situation, the person or entity name the car is under can sell, restore, or dismantle the vehicle.

To be eligible to obtain a salvage title, your vehicle must have been declared a total loss, and your auto insurance provider, its agent, or you, must start the application procedure within 30 days of the settlement of the vehicle’s damage claim.

Can You Sell a Salvaged Car in Louisiana?

You can sell a salvaged car in Louisiana. You must ensure you have the car’s title if you want to sell a salvaged car in Louisiana. We recommend having your car’s registration card, but it is not required.

How to Avoid Salvage Title Fraud in Louisiana

Getting caught up in salvage title fraud in Louisiana is a lot easier than you think. Salvage title fraud occurs when you knowingly sell a salvaged vehicle without disclosing this information to potential buyers. Being involved in salvage title fraud can put you in a position to pay hefty fines and possibly face criminal charges.

Is a Bill of Sale Required to Sell a Salvaged Car in Louisiana?

You will not be required to have a bill of sale when selling your salvaged car IF you have a section on the car’s title where you can disclose the car’s selling price. If there is no section to disclose the car’s selling price, date of sale, and the signatures of all buyers and sellers, you must have a bill of sale.

If you need a bill of sale, make sure the following information is included in the document:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Vehicle’s selling price
  • Odometer reading
  • Seller name, address, and signature
  • Buyer’s name, address, and signature

You must also make sure that the bill of sale is notarized.

Does Louisiana Have Salvaged Vehicle Restrictions?

Like most states, there are salvaged vehicle restrictions. In Louisiana, operating a salvaged vehicle on roads and highways is illegal because the vehicle is considered unsafe. If you want to operate a salvage-titled vehicle, you’ll need to repair and rebuild it and then have it inspected. Once the car passes inspection, you can apply for an LA rebuilt car title and proceed to obtain auto insurance, and hit the road!

Can You Sell a Salvaged Car Without the Title in Louisiana?

You will need the car’s title to sell it. If you no longer have the title, you’ll need to apply for a duplicate car title by completing a Louisiana vehicle car title (Form DPSMV 1799). Make sure you have the $68.50 reissued title fee and the $8 handling fee. You’ll have to pay an additional $18 fee if you do not obtain your duplicate LA car title through the LA OMV.

How Can I Get a Louisiana Salvaged Car Title?

To apply for a Louisiana salvaged car title, visit your local LA OMV branch with the following:

  • A completed Louisiana Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799) – “Salvage title” must be written on the front of the application. Ensure you have filled out the required information in the salvaged vehicle section.
  • The car’s correctly assigned title or manufacturer’s statement of origin (the title or statement must have “Salvage title” written on the front of the document.
  • A copy of the proof of loss from your auto insurance provider
  • A security agreement or a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) financing statement. This financial statement is only required if you’re recording a lien.
  • Payment for all applicable fees
    • Salvage title: $68.50 (an additional $18 is required for titles that are purchased from public license tag agents.)
    • Local service fee: this fee varies
    • Recording a lenient with:
      • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) financing statement: $15
      • Another type of lien document: $10

You can submit the above documents and fees in person at your local LA OMV branch or by mail to the following address:

Office of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

If you need assistance completing any part of your LA salvage car title application, contact your local OMV agency.

Louisiana Salvage Car Inspections

In Louisiana, your salvage vehicle will be inspected to determine if the car is stolen or repaired with parts from a stolen vehicle. You are required to include an Affidavit or Physical Inspection with your rebuilt title application.

Your vehicle must be inspected by a full-time law enforcement officer who is certified to inspect motor vehicles by the Louisiana State Police (LSP). Contact your local LSP troop to schedule an appointment.

The vehicle inspector will do the following:

  • Check your vehicle’s identification number (VIN)
  • Possibly check VIN information regarding the components used to repair/rebuild the vehicle (this is a step that is performed randomly and done to ensure the details you provided about the vehicle on the application are correct.)

Keep in mind that this component inspection is not a safety inspection. The LA OMV will advise you on whether your rebuilt vehicle requires a safety inspection. When your vehicle passes inspection, you will be provided with a completed Affidavit of Physical Inspection. You must submit this affidavit and all other required documentation to the LA OMV. After completing these steps, you will receive your rebuilt car title. The new title will have “reconstructed” on the front of the title.

Louisiana Vehicle Registration Fees

The fees for titling and registering a motor vehicle in Louisiana are as follows:

  • Title fee: $68.50
  • LA license transfer: $3
  • Handling fee: $8
  • License plate fees: these fees are based on the vehicle’s selling price. The current rate is .1% of the value of the vehicle per year, with a minimum base of $10,000. LA license plates are sold in two-year increments, making the minimum price $20.

Are Salvage, Junk, and Rebuilt Titles the Same?

We’re glad you asked! These titles are often confused with one another because they have a few similarities. However, each of these titles is different. A salvage title is a title your vehicle has once your auto insurance provider determines it is a total loss. If your car has a junk title, this means the only value your car has is when it’s scrapped for parts. Cars with junk titles can’t legally be driven and can’t be repaired or rebuilt. A rebuilt car title is a title you will receive once your car has been repaired/rebuilt and passed the VIN check.

Who Buys Salvage Cars Near Me in Louisiana?

We recommend using a salvage yard that is local to you! Here are a handful of salvage yards in Louisiana.

Black’s Auto Salvage Inc.
3425 Famco Rd.
Brusly, LA 70719
(225) 749-3161
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Thursday and Friday (8 AM – 5:30 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Acadia Scrap & Salvage Inc.
206 Standard Mill Rd.
Crowley, LA 70526
(337) 783-4621
Monday – Friday (7:30 AM – 3:30 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

A to Z Auto Salvage & Used
30028 Connie Dr.
Holden, LA 70744
(225) 567-2550
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 3:30 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Henry’s Auto Salvage
5800 Old Boyce Rd.
(318) 443-2536
Call for business hours

When Can I Get an Auto Insurance Policy for My Salvaged Car?

You won’t be able to obtain an auto insurance policy until you repair/rebuild your vehicle and it passes a VIN check. After completing these steps, you will be able to have auto insurance on the car. Be advised that your car still has a salvage brand, which means you may only be able to get Louisiana’s minimum auto insurance coverage.

What Are the Methods for Selling a Salvaged Car in Louisiana?

When it comes to selling a salvaged car, you have a few different options. We recommend choosing the selling method that works best for you.

Private Sale

Private sales are common for salvaged cars. This is one of the selling methods you can use if you’re not going to sell your salvaged car to a scrap yard or junkyard. Since you’re selling your vehicle privately, you’ll be selling to another individual and not an entity, such as a business. We recommend creating a post on used car selling sites or online marketplaces, such as Facebook, Craigslist, and similar marketplaces to sell your vehicle. Make sure you include a detailed description of the car and include photos. Don’t forget to disclose that you are selling a salvaged car!

Salvage Yard or Junkyard

You may want to sell your car to a salvage yard or junkyard if you want to sell your car without the hassles of filling out and submitting a lot of paperwork. In most of these scenarios, you can sell your car in as little as 48 hours or sooner, which means you will receive your cash quickly.

Selling for Parts

If you’re looking to get the most money for your salvaged vehicle, parting out your car may be the ideal solution. You can remove the car’s most valuable parts or have a mechanic help you.

Selling As-Is

This is the best-selling method if you want to get rid of the car quickly and don’t plan on repairing/rebuilding the car. Once you sell the car, anything associated with the car is no longer your responsibility.

Common Difficulties That Can Occur When Selling a Salvaged Car

Selling a salvaged-branded car is more difficult than selling a car that doesn’t have any or minor damages, but it’s not impossible. Regardless of the selling method you choose, make sure you disclose that you’re selling a salvaged vehicle. There’s no need to pay unnecessary fines and face other penalties for not doing so.

It may also take time to find a buyer. However, people are often looking for car parts, so don’t get discouraged. Make sure your description is as detailed as possible and don’t forget to include pictures of the vehicle from every angle.

How Do I Apply for a Rebuilt Car Title in Louisiana?

Once your vehicle passes the VIN check, you can apply for a reconstructed car title. You will need to submit the following at an LA OMV branch:

  • Your Louisiana salvaged title
  • A completed:
    • Affidavit of Physical Inspection
    • Application for a Salvage-Reconstructed Motor Vehicle (Form DPSMV 1634)
  • The vehicle’s bill of sale (if applicable)
  • A list of parts that were reconstructed or replaced. You must include the following for each part:
    • VIN(s) from all vehicles from which the part(s) were taken
    • Name and contact information of the individual from whom you purchased the parts
    • The date you purchased each part
  • Bills of sale from major components used to rebuild the vehicle (if you don’t have a bill of sale or receipt, you must submit a notarized affidavit.) These bills of sale must include the same major component information you provided on the parts list.
  • Payment for all applicable taxes and fees (These fees can vary. Contact your local OMV for more information.)

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Rebuilt Car Title in Louisiana?

The length of time required to receive your LA rebuilt car title can vary. It can take 3 to 5 days if you appear at an LA OMV branch in person and 7-10 days if you send the documents by mail. Ensure you have the required paperwork and payment for all applicable fees to avoid unnecessary delays and possible penalties.