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Selling a salvage car in Massachusetts isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but someone has to do it, and since you’re here, we’re guessing that someone is you! Glad to have you here.

Let’s jump in and discover what it takes to salvage a car in Massachusetts.

What is Considered a Salvage Car in Massachusetts?

A salvage car is NOT a junk car. A salvage car has extensive damage, but there’s hope because it can be repaired to the safety standards the state of Massachusetts sets. Having a car that has a salvage title does not mean it’s the end of the car’s life.

In MA, a salvage car is one that the auto insurance company declares to be a “total loss” due to vandalism, fire, collision, flood, theft, or any other cause. Once a car is given a salvage title, it will remain until it is rebuilt. However, being a salvage car will always be a part of the car’s history.

How Do You Sell a Salvage Car in Massachusetts?

To sell a car in MA, you first need to find a salvage yard. We’ll help you out with this later on in the article. To sell your car to an MA salvage yard, you will need to do the following:

  • Prepare the vehicle’s title
  • Shop around for reasonable quotes
  • Be aware of towing fees/services
  • Prepare your vehicle for sale
  • Sign the required paperwork
  • Cancel the car’s registration
  • Cancel your auto insurance policy

To prepare the car’s title, you must sign over ownership of the car to the salvage yard. As far as shopping around for reasonable quotes, keep in mind that you won’t become an instant millionaire, however, scrapping your car can help you obtain some extra funds. You don’t want a quote that’s unreasonable, meaning too low.

Getting at least three quotes before you commit to selling the car to a particular Massachusetts salvage yard is a good idea. Since it’s illegal in MA to operate a salvage car on roads and highways, you must arrange to have the car towed.

According to Massachusetts General Laws (Chapter 90D, Section 20E), any individual who takes possession of a vehicle to junk or scrap it is required to surrender the vehicle’s Certificate of Title, Salvage Title, or any other document that can be used as proof of ownership to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) for cancellation within 10 days of receiving the vehicle.

You will also be required to complete a Junking/Scrapping a Motor Vehicle Form (Form TTL-108) and submit it to the RMV. Be advised that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be attached to any vehicle upon destruction. As a reminder, cars that have a title that has been surrendered for a junk car can NOT be re-titled or registered for operation.

What is a Salvage Yard?

A salvage yard is a place where vehicles and/or machinery are dismantled and the parts are saved and processed for resale. This is the place you will take your car when you sell it if you choose to sell it to a salvage yard.

How is a Salvage Title Different from a Junk Title?

Salvage titles and junk titles are often confused with each other. A salvage title allows a car to be repaired and rebuilt by replacing different parts of the car from other cars. A junk car, however, signifies the end of the car’s life. Junk title cars can’t be repaired and are no longer roadworthy, which means they are not safe to operate.

Who Buys Salvage Cars Near Me?

There are a lot of salvage yards in Massachusetts, so we can’t list everyone, but don’t worry. We’ve listed the MA scrapyards that have excellent reviews to help you get started on your journey to selling your salvage car.

Framingham Salvage Company
120 Waverly St.
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 872-4393
Monday – Friday (7 AM – 4 PM)
Saturday (8 AM – 12 PM)
Sunday (Closed)

Sam’s Pull-a-Part
211 Granite St
Worcester, MA 01607
(800) 521-8000
Monday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (8 AM – 3 PM)

Universal Auto Salvage
852 Millville Rd
Uxbridge, MA 01569
(508) 278-5600
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 4:30 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Salisbury Auto Salvage
16 Main St.
Salisbury, MA 01952
(978) 595-2277
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 4:30 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Can You Insure a Salvage Title Car in Massachusetts?

No. You can NOT insure a salvage title car in the state of Massachusetts. However, you can rebuild the car to Massachusetts safety standards and apply for an MA rebuilt title.

How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Massachusetts?

You are required to obtain a salvage repairable title if you choose to keep a salvage vehicle and it’s repairable, but currently not operable. To apply for a Massachusetts Salvage Repairable Title, you need the following:

  • The car’s original title
  • A completed Application for Registration and Title (Form TTLREG-100). You will need to mark the vehicle as “salvage repairable” on the form and list the applicable secondary brands.
  • Pay the $75 title fee and sales tax

You can submit the above items in person or by mail.

By Mail

To mail the form, send it with the payment and other required documents to the address that is on the form.

In Person

You can submit the necessary forms and payments at the Boston Registry of Motor Vehicles or the RMV’s title division.

The RMV will review your application, and if it is approved, you will be mailed your salvage repairable title. At this time, you can repair your vehicle. Once you make the necessary repairs, you need to have it inspected. After the car passes inspection, you can apply for a rebuilt title.

Can I Salvage My Car Without a Title in Massachusetts?

The car’s title is needed to prove you are the legal owner of the car you’re selling to the salvage yard. If you have lost the car’s title, you’ll have to apply for an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form T20558). Make sure you check the correct reason you’re applying for a duplicate car title. If the scrap yard requires a salvage title, you can download the Massachusetts Salvage Title (Form RMV-1).

In some instances, a salvage yard will allow you to scrap your car without the title. However, this could mean less money in your pocket because they will have to obtain the title themselves, which costs money, of course, and it will be deducted from the original price you were quoted for your car.

How Do You Register a Salvage Title Car in Massachusetts?

You can’t register a salvage car in Massachusetts. Once you rebuild your car to MA’s safety standards, pass the required inspection, and pay the necessary fees, you can register your car in the state of Massachusetts.

To register and title your car, you will need the following:

  • Application Fee
  • A completed Registration and Title Application (Form TTLREG-100)
  • Certificate of Title
  • You may be required to submit a bill of sale
  • Paperwork that shows the car passed the inspection and receipts showing the repairs that have been made to the car

You may be required to pay the $75 Certificate of Title fee and any other applicable fees to complete the registration and titling process.

Are Any Cars Exempt from the Salvage Process in Massachusetts?

Some vehicles are exempt from the salvage process, such as the following:

Congratulations! You now know everything you need to scrap your car in Massachusetts. Happy scrapping!