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Got a salvage car sitting around collecting dust? Why not make a few bucks from selling the car? Selling your salvage car won’t be the highlight of your life, but it will feel good to get rid of it, and you’ll have extra funds in your pocket. Sound good? We thought so! We’ll walk you through the steps you need to take in Ohio to sell your salvaged car.

What is a Salvaged Car in Ohio?

In Ohio, the term salvaged is a type of credential that is issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OH BMV) in an attempt to monitor damaged or destroyed vehicles in Ohio. This state issues salvage certificates that indicate a car has sustained extensive damage to a degree that it can’t be safely or legally operated on public roads or highways.

The purpose of an Ohio salvage certificate is to protect state motorists and roads from potentially dangerous vehicles. We’ll go into further detail about the risks and issues that involve salvaged cars.

What is a Car’s Actual Cash Value?

When you’re selling a salvaged car in Ohio, you’ll hear a lot about the car’s actual cash value (ACV). What is a car’s ACV? The car’s actual cash value is the car’s fair market value, which is the price your car would sell for on the open market. Once you drive the car off the dealership lot, the car is no longer worth what it was when you purchased it whether you purchased the car used or new.

How Do You Sell a Salvage Car in Ohio?

There are rules and guidelines you must follow to sell your car in Ohio, especially since it’s a salvaged car. Make sure you don’t complete the information on the back of the car title until the sale is final.

You also need to make sure you have the correct name and address of the car’s buyer. If incorrect information is on the car’s title or any other mistake is made, the car title becomes void, and you will be required to apply for a duplicate Ohio car title. Also, if you can’t find the car’s original title, you must obtain a duplicate car title from the county that issued the original title before you can sell the car.

You are not required to provide the car’s registration card at the time of selling your salvage vehicle. However, if you’re trying to sell the car as quickly as possible, presenting the registration card can help prospective buyers want to purchase your car. How? When a buyer sees that the car’s tags are legit and the vehicle has recently passed an emissions test, they are more likely to purchase your car because those are two major tasks they don’t have to complete in addition to spending money to purchase the car.

You are required to list the sales price of the car, as well as an accurate odometer reading. Make sure you sign your name exactly as it appears on the car’s title. However, you need to wait to sign the title in front of a notary public. You should also make a copy of the car’s title and other documents required to sell the car for your records.

You will also need a bill of sale to sell your salvage car in Ohio. Keep a copy of this document because the original bill of sale will go to the buyer.

Salvage Vehicle Settlements in Ohio

Salvaged cars are those that are severely damaged and the auto insurance provider determined that the repair costs would exceed the car’s fair market value before the damage occurred. At this time, your auto insurance provider labels your car a total loss and you will have to file a total loss claim.

Once the claim process is complete, you can accept a full settlement (your auto insurance company pays you for the damages and takes ownership of the vehicle), or you can accept a partial settlement (you keep the car and receive payment for partial damages).

If you choose to accept a partial settlement, you have different options. However, you need to be prepared to put forth a little effort and time to see these options through.

Your Options After a Partial Settlement

If you choose to accept a partial settlement and keep the total loss vehicle, you have these options:

  • Sell the car

In most scenarios, you will sell your car to a junkyard, scrapyard, or scrap metal processor.

  • Repair the vehicle

You must first apply for an OH salvage car title with the OH BMV. Then, you can repair your car and have the car endure a salvaged vehicle inspection. If the car passes the inspection, you can apply for a new Ohio car title. Repairing the car is your ONLY option if you want to drive the car again.

Are There Any Salvaged Vehicle Restrictions in Ohio

Vehicles that are declared salvaged can’t be operated on the highways and roads of Ohio, and they can’t be registered as long as the salvage title is active. A salvage certificate can be used for reassignment to a licensed rebuilder if the vehicle is being rebuilt.

Can You Sell a Salvaged Car Without the Title in Ohio?

Unfortunately, no. Without the car’s title, you can’t sell the car to anyone else, and ownership of the car can’t be transferred. The bottom line is you need the car’s title to complete the sale of your salvage car.

Can You Sell a Salvaged Car Without the Car’s Registration in Ohio?

Yes, you can! However, without the car’s registration card, it may take longer to sell the car. The best thing to do in this situation is to have the documents ready to show to potential buyers so they know exactly what they’re dealing with.

How to Get a Salvage Car Title in Ohio

Obtaining a salvage car title is the first step to repairing, getting your car inspected, and retitled in Ohio. You can apply for an Ohio salvage title in person at your local OH BMV branch by submitting the following documentation:

  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle (Form BMV3774)
  • The car’s certificate of title
  • Required paperwork from your auto insurance company or lienholder (if applicable) – You can contact your auto insurance company and the OH BMV titling office for the paperwork that is specific to your situation
  • Payment for the $4 salvage title fee and all other associated costs (call the OH BMV title office ahead of time about other county-related fees and taxes you may owe.)

Once you have the car’s salvage title, you can start the repair process and repair your car to Ohio’s safety and legal standards. You can make the repairs on your own or take the car to a repair shop. If you have questions or concerns regarding applying for an Ohio salvaged title, you can call the OH BMV at (614) 752-7671.

Virginia Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Requirements

Are you ready to get back on the road in your newly restored vehicle? It’s good to be eager. However, your rebuilt salvage car must endure an inspection performed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol to ensure your car is safe to operate.

First, you need to visit your local OH BMV Deputy Registrar’s office to pay the $50 salvage inspection fee. You will be given a salvage inspection receipt. DO NOT LOSE THIS. This salvage inspection receipt allows you to legally operate your non-registered salvage vehicle to the inspection station.

Once you pay the inspection fee, you need to make an appointment at your local inspection station. On the day of your salvage inspection, you need to make sure you have the following:

  • Your Ohio driver’s license
  • The car’s salvage title
  • The salvage inspection receipt
  • Receipts for all replacement components, which must:
    • Be original (copies and faxes are NOT accepted), and include the following:
      • The vehicle identification number (VIN) for each vehicle from which the part(s) came
      • Name, phone number, and address of each business or private seller
      • If the parts came from a private seller or a business that isn’t a licensed parts dealer, the paperwork must be notarized
      • If applicable, the receipts for repair parts obtained from irregular sources should include the seller’s name, phone number, and address.

During the inspection, the Ohio State Highway Patrol inspection will check to ensure that your receipts ensure all parts were obtained legally and your rebuilt vehicle is up to Ohio’s state safety standards.

Also, the Ohio State Highway Patrol office may ask to remove some of your vehicle’s parts or to keep your car overnight. Make sure you have someone who can drive you home from the inspection state if this scenario occurs.

Once your inspection is complete, the inspector will provide you with the paperwork to prove that your vehicle passed the inspection. Make sure you keep this paperwork in a safe place. You will need proof of a passed inspection document when you apply for a rebuilt Ohio car title.

Why is an Ohio Examination Required?

In Ohio, salvaged cars must endure a vehicle examination to ensure the vehicle and its parts are safe and functional and have not been stolen. The rebuilt salvage vehicle exam verifies the roadworthiness of the rebuilt vehicle and checks the origin of the parts used to rebuild the car. If it is determined the car has been repaired with illegal or stolen parts, the vehicle will be ineligible for receiving a new car title.

How to Register an Ohio Salvaged Car

Once the car passes inspection, the Ohio BMV will issue the car’s rebuilt title. You may be required to wait 48 hours from the time you receive the rebuilt car title to apply for a new car registration. You must follow the standard registration process for registering a car in Ohio.

Ohio Salvaged Car Fees

When you apply for an OH salvage car certificate or rebuilt title, be prepared to pay all applicable fees. Be prepared to pay the following fees:

  • Titling fee – $4
  • OH salvage car title with a lien – $15
  • Late filing fees – $5 may be added if you fail to obtain your salvage certificate within a certain time

If you restore your vehicle and obtain an OH rebuilt salvage car title, you must pay additional fees. The following fees may apply to your situation:

  • Payment of $50 for the salvage inspection fee
  • Standard Titling fee – $15

You will also be required to pay the vehicle registration costs, which vary depending on different factors, such as the type of vehicle you are licensing.

How is an Ohio Salvage Title Different from an Ohio Junk Title?

We’re glad you asked! It’s easy to confuse salvage and junk titles because they have a few similarities. However, the differences are significant. Salvage cars can legally be driven again IF the salvage car is rebuilt and you obtain a rebuilt car title. Junk cars on the other hand can NOT be rebuilt and can NOT legally be operated on the roads and highways of Virginia.

Who Buys Salvage Cars Near Me in Ohio?

There are a lot of different salvage yards to choose from in the state of Ohio. Although we won’t list all the salvage yards located across Ohio, we’ll list a handful of salvage yards to get you started.

Reed’s Salvage Corp.
36521 Royalton Rd.
Grafton, OH 44044
(440) 748-2016
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday (8 AM – 12 PM)
Sunday (Closed)

Woody’s Auto Salvage
1988 McKinley Ave.
Columbus, OH 43204
(614) 276-2597
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday (8 AM – 3 PM)
Sunday (9 AM – 3 PM)

Hilltop Salvage & Sales, Inc.
46200 SR 541 W.
Coshocton, OH 43812
(740) 622-4200
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday (8 AM – 12 PM)
Sunday (Closed)

Gil’s Auto Repair & Salvage
631 W 17th St.
Ashland, OH 44805
(419) 289-7218
Monday – Friday (8: 30 AM – 5:30 PM)
Saturday (8:30 AM – 1 PM)
Sunday (Closed)

Ross Brothers Salvage, Inc.
106 Tilden Ave.
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
(740) 397-9334
Monday – Friday (7:30 AM – 4 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Can You Insure a Salvage Title Car in Ohio?

Since salvaged cars are deemed unroadworthy, you won’t be able to insure a salvage car in Ohio. The good news is, you can rebuild your salvage car to Ohio’s safety standards and pass the OH salvage vehicle safety inspection. Once you complete these steps, you can proceed with obtaining insurance for your rebuilt salvage car.

Can I Salvage My Car Without a Title in Ohio?

No. You will need to have the car’s title to sell the car to a salvage yard. If you have lost the car’s title, you can apply for a duplicate Ohio car title by completing an Application for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle (Form BMV 3774). Keep in mind that you will need to pay the $15 replacement title fee. You will also need to bring your ID and the car’s current vehicle registration with you to the Clerk of Courts Title Office.

More about Selling a Salvage Car in Ohio

Selling a car in Ohio can be frustrating at times. However, you must follow the required steps to ensure you don’t have any problems down the road. We’ve included a few more tips to help you sell your salvage car in Ohio.

Getting the Most Money for Your Salvage Car in Ohio

If you’re like most people, you want to receive the most money for your salvage car. Here’s what you need to know. The value of a salvage car depends on factors that include the make and model of the car, damage the car sustained, and the car’s age. If you want to get top dollar for your salvage car, you may want to consider selling your salvage car for parts. A mechanic can help you determine which of the car’s parts are the most valuable.

Selling Your Car As-Is

You can also sell your car as-is. Selling your salvage car as-is means you don’t make any repairs to the car and you’re selling it as it is. Selling your car as-is may be the motivation you need to finally get the car sold. However, we won’t sugarcoat things. Choosing to sell your car as-is can delay the selling process.

It’s normal to want to get your salvage car sold and check it off the to-do list, but selling a salvage car will take time. The best action you can take in this situation is, to be honest and upfront about the car’s damages. However, highlight the car’s good qualities too. Although your car is a salvage, it’s not a complete piece of junk. In your car’s description, make sure you tell the good and the bad about the car. It could help you sell your car sooner.

Disclosing Information

This is important! You are required by law to disclose all information about your salvage car. There are lemon laws that protect buyers if they purchase a car that is not in operable order, or as described. Since you are selling a salvaged car, you must disclose all damages the car sustained. A complete history of the car will be best, so obtaining a CARFAX report can work in your favor.

Whether you repaired your car and selling it, or selling your salvage car as-is, you must tell potential buyers everything you can about the car. If you repaired your salvage car, you need to keep the receipts for the parts you purchased and the fees you paid to restore the car, if the car was repaired by a mechanic. You will also need information about the parts that were used to rebuild the car.

How Do You Apply for a Rebuilt Car Title in Ohio?

To apply for an Ohio rebuilt car title with the OH BMV, you are required to provide the following at your local OH BMV branch:

  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle (Form BMV 3774)
  • The car’s salvage title
  • Proof of a passed vehicle inspection
  • Payment for all applicable title fees (these fees vary by county, so call before you visit the office for the details regarding the fees you need to pay.)

Once the paperwork is approved, the OH BMV will issue a new OH certificate of title. The title will be stamped with “Rebuilt Salvage”. When you obtain the car’s rebuilt title, you can legally operate the car or sell it as a roadworthy vehicle. If you have questions or concerns, you can call the OH BMV at (614) 752-7671.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Rebuilt Title in Ohio?

Understandably, you’re ready to get back on the road. The time it takes to receive your OH rebuilt car title depends on how long it takes you to make the necessary repairs to your vehicle. Once you initiate this process with the OH BMV, the estimated turnaround time to receive your rebuilt car title is 3 weeks.

Ohio Vehicle Registration Fees

You will be required to pay registration fees in Ohio. Be advised that the annual vehicle renewal registration fees do NOT include local taxes. These fees vary based on the taxing district and the type of vehicle you own. Local tax is assessed in $5 increments and by law may be prorated by $50 if you’re registering for 7 months or less.

Plate / Registration Transfer$6.00
Duplicate Registration$6.00
Replacement Sticker$6.00
Replace/Exchange 1 Plate*$12.00
Replace/Exchange 2 Plates*$13.25
*Retain stock plate numberAdditional $10.00
Temporary Tag$20.00
Plate(s) Mailing FeeBased on current rates

Ohio Auto Insurance Requirements

To legally operate a car on roads and highways, you must have auto insurance. Since the OH BMV does NOT actively monitor uninsured vehicles, you need to make sure you protect yourself with adequate insurance in case of an accident.

You must carry proof of insurance in your vehicle. Ohio law requires all drivers to carry proof of auto financial responsibility to operate a motor vehicle. In Ohio, drivers are required to carry auto insurance coverage limits of 25/50/25. Also, OH drivers must carry proof of auto insurance at all times and are required to be able to present proof of auto insurance upon request, such as during a traffic stop, at an accident scene, and in other places.

Operating a motor vehicle with less coverage than Ohio’s required minimum or without auto insurance altogether is against the law and can result in different consequences, such as fines and license suspensions.

It’s time for you to get to rebuilding or rebuilding and selling! You now know how to sell a salvage car in Ohio. Congratulations!