What Do Alabama DPS & MVD Do?

There are two agencies in Alabama that handle driver licensing and motor vehicle services:

The DPS handles all driver-related services for both new residents and existing AL drivers, including driver’s license, ID card, and learner’s permit applications, road testing, driving records, and commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), as well as boat licensing and registration.

The MVD handles vehicle registration and titling services for Alabama residents, including license plate applications, motor vehicle reports, and custom license plates.

As a new resident to Alabama, you have 30 days after establishing residency to exchange your driver’s license and apply for a vehicle registration. There are no inspection requirements for vehicles in Alabama.

Online and Third-Party Services

DPS online services include:

The DPS also offers online resources such as road test study guides and driver manuals. The ALEA/DPS partners with third parties like Boat-Ed.com and BoaterExam.com for boat licensing examinations, as well as private driver education companies for teens moving through the graduated driver licensing program.

MVD online services include:

Some counties also offer online registration renewal—find your county office to see whether you can renew online.

Contact Information

Department of Public Safety:

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Licensing Bureau

PO Box 1471

Montgomery, AL 36102

Phone: (334) 517-2763

Office locations

Department of Revenue:

2545 Taylor Road

Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone: (334) 242-9000

Office locations