Junkyards in Lafayette, Louisiana

Sell Your Junk Car in Lafayette, Louisiana

Looking for someone who buys junks cars in Lafayette, Louisiana? We can help. No title or registration? No worries. You don’t have the keys? We got you covered. We buy all cars. Used, wrecked and totaled, broken down on the driveway and rusted out junk cars. We can help get you paid, sometimes in cash, for your car typically within 48 hours.

We also have lists of junkyards in Lafayette, Louisiana if you are looking to sell your car to a junkyard or salvage yard near you. Alternatively, we can help you sell your car online for cash or donate your car to a non-profit for a tax deduction. Just choose your preferred method of payment and we will help you get rid of that junk car as fast and easy as possible.


Sell Your Junk Car Online

Sell your junk car online and can you can get cash or check within 48 hours. Call (877) 927-4186 or get a quote online.

Dien's Auto Salvage
Address: 6157 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503

Dien's Auto Salvage is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. With our large stock of high-quality used auto parts, including body parts, engines, and nuts, we can make sure you find what you need. Call us at 337-316-7556 or visit our auto salvage yard and our friendly staff will assist you with whatever you need. We are open 5 days a week.

Phone: 1-337-316-7556
State: Louisiana
Louisiana Scrap Metal Recycling
Address: 2200 Cameron St, Lafayette, LA 70506

Louisiana Scrap Metal Recycling operates out of Lafayette, Louisiana and performs assembling, breaking up, sorting, recycling, and wholesale distribution of scrap metal. We also provide roll-offs and lift gate trucks to help the demolition process run more smoothly. In addition, we pay the best prices for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum cans, iron, and old junk cars. Each year, millions of tons of our scrap are recycled into new metal products. Call us at 337-233-0112 to get more information.

Phone: 1-337-233-0112
State: Louisiana
Southern Recycling EMR
Address: 4802 Cameron St, Lafayette, LA 70506

EMR Southern Recycling is providing scrap metal solutions for those all over the world, and can recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals at our Lafayette, Louisiana facility. As one of the leading metal recyclers in the world, we deal with iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and many others. We also buy scrap metals and scrap vehicles both from the public and other dealers, and we provide a home pick up service. Give us a call today at 337-233-1038 for more information.

Phone: 1-337-233-1038
State: Louisiana