Junkyards in Akron, Ohio

Sell Your Junk Car in Akron, Ohio

Looking for someone who buys junks cars in Akron, Ohio? We can help. No title or registration? No worries. You don’t have the keys? We got you covered. We buy all cars. Used, wrecked and totaled, broken down on the driveway and rusted out junk cars. We can help get you paid, sometimes in cash, for your car typically within 48 hours.

We also have lists of junkyards in Akron, Ohio if you are looking to sell your car to a junkyard or salvage yard near you. Alternatively, we can help you sell your car online for cash or donate your car to a non-profit for a tax deduction. Just choose your preferred method of payment and we will help you get rid of that junk car as fast and easy as possible.


Sell Your Junk Car Online

Sell your junk car online and can you can get cash or check within 48 hours. Call (877) 927-4186 or get a quote online.

Barberton Junk Cars
Address: 173 N Portage Path #2, Akron, OH 44303

Barberton Junk Cars can help you sell your old unwanted junk vehicle. We buy all kinds of cars, SUVs, and trucks in any condition for the best prices. Before we take your junk car off your hands, our team assesses the condition of your vehicle, quotes a fair price, takes care of all necessary paperwork, and picks up your vehicle. Call us today at 330-732-5865 or visit our store in Akron, Ohio to get instant cash for your car.

Phone: 1-330-732-5865
State: Ohio
Cash 4 Cars Akron
Address: 173 N Portage Path Unit 2, Akron, OH 44303

Cash 4 Cars Akron helps you get rid of your old car, truck, or SUV for the best price. After we inspect your vehicle's condition and give you a quote, we'll send a tow truck right away and take care of all paperwork. Call us today at 330-271-6464 or visit us in Akron, Ohio to turn your junk car into cash.

Phone: 1-330-271-6464
State: Ohio
City Scrap & Salvage
Address: 760 Flora Ave, Akron, OH 44314

City Scrap and Salvage is an industry leader in metal recycling with a state-of-the-art recycling facility located in Akron, Ohio. Our highly trained staff carries out a full-service recycling process efficiently and safely. We recycle all kinds of metals, like aluminum, brass, copper, steel, iron, appliances, batteries, and more. We also provide industrial container services. Drop off your scrap and get paid on the spot. Call us at 330-753-5051 for more information.

Phone: 1-330-753-5051
State: Ohio
Holub Recycling
Address: 470 N Arlington St, Akron, OH 44305

Holub Recycling is one of the oldest scrap yards in Akron, Ohio. We provide dumpster pick-ups and drop-offs and buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, zinc, appliances, iron, steel, and more. Lastly, we buy junk vehicles for great prices and pay in cash right away. Call us at 330-252-5655 to get detailed rates for the metals we work with.

Phone: 1-330-252-5655
State: Ohio
Lake's Auto Recycling Inc
Address: 566 Kenmore Blvd, Akron, OH 44314
Phone: 1-330-753-2286
State: Ohio
Moon's Auto Recycling
Address: 1958 Firestone Pkwy, Akron, OH 44301

Moon's Auto Recycling has high-quality auto parts for your vehicle. We are located in Akron, Ohio and have a large stock of used and rebuilt auto parts for local and foreign car models, all of which come with a standard 30-day warranty. Call us at 330-724-1560 and/or browse our inventory on our website to see if we have the part you need.

Phone: 1-330-724-1560
State: Ohio