How To Sell A Junk A Car In Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Located in Atlantic County, New Jersey, Atlantic City is one of the gambling and entertainment capitals of the United States, home to everything from the Miss American pageant to some of the biggest casinos on the East Coast.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best places to donate your car or sell your used car for scrap in Atlantic City, as well as some of the neighboring regions like Egg Harbor Township, Ocean City, and as far west as Vineland and as far south as Wildwood and Cape May, NJ.

The Best Junk Car Removal Services in Atlantic City, NJ

What follows is a list of the best junk car buyers in Atlantic City. If you have an old car to sell, contact one of these companies for more information on pricing and towing.

  • South Jersey Truck and Auto Salvage – (609) 246-1953: One of Atlantic County’s best car removal specialists, and a popular choice with junkers as well customers seeking auto parts.
  • Dirkes Used Auto Parts – (609) 625-1718:From operational Chevrolets to trashed Hondas, Dirkes promises to buy everything and operates throughout Atlantic City.
  • American Recycling LLC – (609) 965-2900: This recycling firm has been part of the AC landscape for decades and serves large parts of the state.
  • Matt Portnoy Auto Recycling – (609) 517-7767: An auto recycling specialist offering top dollar for Atlantic City junk cars. It has more than 30 years of experience in this industry.
  • The Clunker Junker – (888) 383-4181A service that promises “cash for cars” and operates throughout the United States. Its advertisements claim that it offers up to $14,700 for junk cars in Atlantic City, with a no-hassle service that includes free towing and an instant cash quote.

Answering Your Questions About Auto Salvage in Atlantic City, New Jersey

You may have a few questions about junking your car in Atlantic City, New Jersey, especially if you’re new to this process and are confused about some of the steps involved.

Fortunately, it’s all relatively simple and hassle-free, unfortunately, there are a few things that can complicate matters.

How Much Will an AC Junkyard Pay for My Vehicle?

It depends. That’s probably not the answer that you want to hear, but it’s true, and your quote could range from a low of $50 to a high of $10,000.

Generally, you can expect up to $300 if it’s a complete dud that’s rusting on your lawn and around $1,000 if it’s in decent condition and still running.

Can I Sell My Car Without a Title?

It is possible to sell a car without a title in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it’s just a little more complicated as you will need to show some photo ID and a matching registration. The offer may also be lower.

What Should I Do About my Car Insurance?

You will need to notify your insurance company, either canceling your policy entirely or switching it to your new vehicle. This will not happen automatically.

Should I Turn in the Plates?

Unless you are switching them to a new vehicle, you will need to hand your license plates over to your local NJ MVC office.

How Will I Get Paid?

Most junkyard services pay in cash. They like to advertise it as a unique feature, but in reality, it’s something that the majority of them do. Still, it’s very useful and makes for a hassle-free process.

Do I Need to Drop Off the Vehicle?

The salvage yard should arrange for your vehicle to be towed away, and this is often provided completely free of charge. You can arrange a time that suits you and they will collect, hand over the cash, and take the vehicle away.

NJ MVC Vehicle Offices

NJ MVC (still the DMV for many New Jerseyans) has a sparse number of offices in South Jersey as per this MVC map.

835 East Clements Bridge Rd
Runnemede Plaza
Runnemede, NJ 08078

5200 Rte 42 North
Ganttown Plaza
Turnerville, NJ 08012

712 East Bay Ave
Manahawkin Plaza, Suite 7
Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Donate Your Car in Atlantic City, NJ

Consider donating your car to a non-profit charity in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Rescue Mission
2009 Bacharach Blvd,
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 345-5517

3711 Ventnor Ave,
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 348-8401

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center
650 North Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(800) 728-7825

Selling Your Junk Car In New Jersey

You can learn the ins and outs of what you need to sell your junk car in NJ here.