We Buy Junk Cars in Clinton, NJ

Clinton Township, just like Clinton town, is located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It is home to around 15,000 people and occupies a key location in the state, making it popular among commuters, ensuring there is no shortage of cars being bought, sold, and scrapped every year.

In this guide, we'll look at some junkyards in the area, focusing on those that serve both Clinton and Clinton Township.

Junk Car Buyers in Clinton, NJ

What follows is a list of junkyards, salvage yards and junk car buying services that serve Clinton, New Jersey and the surrounding area including the towns of Annandale, High Bridge, Union Township, & Pittstown.

If you have a junk car that you want to get rid of, just contact one of these pick up services or junkyards to get the best price for your car. They will give you an instant quote, arrange for a tow truck to collect your vehicle, and ensure you get top dollar for it.

Peddle (844) 613-0420 
Peddle is a national service that buys and tows away junk and damaged cars. They have an online quote feature that estimates the value of your car.

Kellys Junkyards 877 345 3559
Prompt and professional service from one of the state's best-known junk car buyers. Kellys partners with companies across the state of New Jersey and offers the best price for your car while promising a hassle-free process.

Klein Junk Cars 908 756 3585
Get a free quote, free towing, and a cash amount paid for your junk vehicle. The company has stacks of positive reviews and takes customer calls at any time day or night. You can agree to sell your car today and get the funds within a few hours, or at a time that suits your schedule.

Cash For Junk Cars NJ (201) 398 8842
Mazda, Nissan, Toyota—this NJ company takes them all. You can call for a quote or complete a form on the company's website. It services large parts of the state, including all of Clinton and Clinton Township.

US Junk Cars 888-871-4488
A national service that buys and junks most vehicles. You can sell your junk car with a simple phone call. Just arrange a pick up at a time that suits you, and you'll get cash in exchange for your junk.

Route 57 Auto Salvage  - 908-689-0013
Located in Port Murray on Route 57, this business specializes in auto parts and does a good job of finding any part that you're looking for. Route 57 also buys cars, trucks, and vans—those parts have to come from somewhere!

Additional Junkyards in the Surrounding Area

Here are a few more salvage yards options to choose from. They are little further from town, but given the limited options they may be worth the call.

Interstate Auto Salvage
49 Race St
Pittstown, NJ 08867

Brass Castle Auto Salvage
577 Brass Castle Rd
Oxford, NJ 07863

Central Auto Liquidators
245 Davis Rd
Franklin, NJ 07416

Summary: Junking your Car in Clinton New Jersey

We have no affiliation with these companies and can't guarantee that they will pull through. We have done some preliminary research and have tried to focus on the best cash for cars companies, but there is always an element of doubt.

You need to focus on companies that provide you with a cash offer, as well as those that actually follow through with that offer. And remember, you are under no obligation to accept their offer and if the tow truck shows up with less money than initially quoted, you're well within your rights to refuse them and take your car elsewhere.

Furthermore, just because a specific company isn't on this list, doesn't mean they are not legitimate. Maybe they're new, maybe we overlooked them—whatever the reason, there are more great junk car removal services out there.

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