Sell or Donate Your Junk Car in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Somewhere between 12 and 15 million cars reach the end of their life every year in the United States. Many of these cars are salvaged, crushed, and scrapped, a recycling process that helps to prevent any waste and keeps the junkyard and salvage industries alive.

If you’re in Colorado Springs, or in neighboring towns such as Peyton, Fountain, Lake George, Deckers and Larkspur, you have a number of different junk car buyers to choose from. All of these companies will buy your junk car for cash, before scrapping and salvaging it for a profit. You’ll get free towing and a hassle-free process, making it the perfect solution for offloading an unwanted vehicle.

Feeling charitable? Considering donating your junk car. You can still make money from your old car via a tax deduction.

How to Sell Junk Cars in Colorado Springs, CO

Need to offload a junk car in Colorado Springs? Dial some of the phone numbers listed below to get a free quote and see if it’s worth your time. You won’t make a fortune, but there is always some money to be made and it’s a great way to get rid of junk cars in Colorado Springs.

Dans Auto Salvage

Address: 601 E Hugo St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 1-719-477-0033

Always Auto Salvage LLC

Address: 719 E Rio Grande St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 1-719-229-1979

Go Auto Salvage

Address: 1128 S El Paso St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 1-719-633-2765

Best Foreign Used Parts Inc

Address: 400 S 16th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: 1-719-633-5658

Harris Used Truck Parts Inc

Address: 325 E Las Vegas St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 1-719-636-3831

Where Can I Junk my Car in Colorado Springs?

There are two ways that you can scrap your car in Colorado Springs. The first is to go through one of the junk car buyers outlined above. They are the end-user, the ones actually buying your vehicle, and while they still need to make a profit from it, they will give you a good price.

The second is to go through third-party networks and companies like Peddle. They offer a lot of cash for junk cars in Colorado Springs and other cities and those cars will then be sold through an extensive buyer’s network. There are a few more steps involved for buyers, but the process is actually easier for the seller, and you’ll get good cash for your junk car.

Can You Junk a Car Without a Title, in Colorado?

It’s always easier to sell your junk car if you have a title. You will also get more cash. However, it’s not always necessary and you may be able to sell your car in Colorado Springs without a title.

Contact the junk car removal services above, tell them that you don’t have a title, be honest regarding the age, make, and model of your vehicle, and see what they can do for you. The answer may surprise you!

Vehicle Title & Registration In Colorado Springs, Colorado

Contact the Colorado DMV for assistance with your title or registration.

El Paso County Motor Vehicle Department
1675 Garden of the Gods Rd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 520-6240

El Paso County Motor Vehicle Department
8830 North Union Boulevard (Research Pkwy & Union Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 520-6240

El Paso County Motor Vehicle Department
5650 Industrial Pl,
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 520-6240

Donate Your Car In Colorado Springs, Colorado

Find a non-profit organization in In Colorado Springs that takes car donations if your are feeling charitable. You can get a tax deduction for your donation.

Monoler Car Donation
1039 N Academy Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 249-9394

Habitat for Humanity Car Donations
(877) 277-4344

Goodwill Car Donations
905 S Santa Fe Ave #201,
Fountain, CO 80817
(866) 233-8586

Discover Goodwill Austin Bluffs Donation Center
4158 Austin Bluffs Pkwy,
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 266-8155