We Buy Junk Cars in El Cajon, California

Located east of Downtown San Diego, El Cajon is a town of approximately 100,000 residents, spanning over 35,000 households and more than 40,000 vehicles. That’s a lot of potential business for the city’s many junkyard and auto recycling services, all of which we will cover in this guide.

The Best Auto Salvage Companies in El Cajon, California

For the best price and a hassle-free service every time, contact the following junk car companies. These services operate in El Cajon and throughout California, including areas like Escondido, Los Angeles, Oakland, Oceanside, and San Francisco.

Cash Auto Salvage

Promising up to $20,000 for your unwanted car, truck, or SUV, Cash Auto Salvage operates throughout El Cajon. It promises free towing, cash quotes, and hassle-free service. 

Dial (855)-540-4649 for a free quote and see what you can get for your vehicle.


SellMax pays an average of $663 for junk cars in El Cajon. Call today for an instant offer, agree on a price, and a tow truck driver will show up at your house to pick up your vehicle. You will get cash-in-hand for your old car and don’t need to worry about any complicated paperwork or other issues.

Junk A Car San Diego

With a simple phone call to (619)-505-2004 or an online form, Junk A Car will provide you with a free and instant quote. You can arrange a time that works for you and one of their drivers will collect your car at a time that works for your schedule..

Cash for Cars El Cajon

One of the biggest junkyard services in the United States, Cash for Cars accepts all makes and models of cars and works closely with salvage yards throughout the state. You’ll benefit from free junk car removal and will get a cash sum for your vehicle.

Other Junk Car Services in El Cajon and San Diego

If you’re looking to work directly with smaller junkyards in and around the El Cajon area, search for one of the following companies, all of which buy junk cars, sell auto parts, and more.

  • Junk Xpress
  • Impact Junk Removal
  • Ecology Cash for Cars
  • Pick ur Junk

Signs That You’re Getting Scammed by a Junkyard in El Cajon, CA

Junkyard scams are not as common as you think, but they do happen. While the risk of an out-and-out scam is rare, it’s not uncommon to be underpaid. To secure a generous cash offer and a reliable service when selling your junk car in El Cajon, look out for the following signs.

They Change their Quote

If you were quoted $1,000 but, for example, the tow truck driver only offers $500 on delivery, don’t give them your vehicle. They should give you the amount that you agreed upon, and not a cent less.

Some of the less reputable junk car removal companies will try to rip you off with a lower price, hoping that you’ll take whatever you’re offered if the tow truck is on your driveway and the cash is in your hand.

Don’t sign anything, don’t agree to anything, and make sure you always get what you’re quoted.

They Charge for Towing

A junk car buyer should offer to tow your vehicle for free. It’s a service that many companies provide and one that you shouldn’t be paying for. However, if they think you’ll pay for it, some companies will tack an extra charge on. This will result in you getting less money than you deserve.

They are Rude

Good customer service is important in any business. Just because you’re only going to be dealing with them once doesn’t mean you don’t need them to be friendly, professional, and responsive at all times.

If the dealer is rude, acts unprofessional, and ignores your phone calls, you should be very wary.

Offering to Pay Later

When it comes to payments, don’t listen to excuses. A junk dealer should have the money in hand and should be willing to pay upon delivery. If they can’t pay until the next day or week, they shouldn’t be collecting your car until then.

For the same reason, it’s best to avoid checks. They can bounce, and if they do, you’ve just lost your car.

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