How To Sell A Junk A Car In Escondido, California

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Legend has it that the name Escondido originally derived from the Spanish for “Hidden Treasure,” and if you drive one of the city’s 100,000+ vehicles, you could be ready to unlock some treasures of your own.

Escondido is littered with junk car removal services, all providing instant offers, cash sums, and a high-quality level of service. These companies serve Escondido and the neighboring areas including: Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch to the south, Hidden Meadows and Valley Center to the north, and San Marcos and San Pasqual Valley, respectively bordering the west and east.

Companies That Buy Junk Cars Online In Escondido, California

The Best Junk Car Buyers in Escondido

To get the best deal for your used car in Escondido, take a look at the following junkyards. Some of these are based in the Escondido area, others are located nearby but serve customers across the state.


CarMax is located a 830 Dan Way, in Escondido. They may need to see your car before they buy it. It’s best to give them a call to see if they are a good option. The number for the Escondido location is: (760) 705-3154.


Promising “Cash for Cars,” SellMax serves customers throughout California, promising an average of $580 for junk cars. The company was founded in the 1990s and promises to buy all types of cars, from heavily damaged Honda Civics to still-running Volkswagens.

There are no hidden fees or cash offers and they guarantee that the process will be quick and easy.

Clunker Junker

This nationwide operator features on most of our junkyard top-lists. Located at Escondido, CA 92025, Clunker Junker buys all cars, is open from Monday to Friday, and provides quotes online and over the phone.

Just dial (888)-383-4181, answer some basic questions about your vehicle, and sell your car today.

Cash for Cars

​Backed by more than 35 years of experience in the junk car industry. It is owned and operated by Copart and originally began as a single junkyard in California, before expanding to over 200 locations across the United States.

Cash for Cars provides free towing and the best service, with cash offered for all cars, trucks, and bikes.

Junkyards in Escondido

Escondido Auto Wrecking Junkyard
A great place to offload your junk car and to browse for new parts. Call Robert at (760)-745-6761 for information about opening times, availability, and services. It’s a small junkyard, but there is no shortage of positive reviews and testimonials praising the company and its owners.

Cardinal Auto Wrecking
725 Rock Springs Rd,
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 745-8140

A1 Ecology Auto Wrecking & Enterprise Towing
2020 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd,
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 471-5204

Other Escondido Junkyards

There are plenty of auto salvage yards in Escondido. Once you have compared all of the above services, you should add the following to your list:

  • Damaged Goods
  • Cash for Your Car San Diego
  • Auto Wranglers
  • 1 Hour Cash for Cars
  • 1 800 Car Buyers

Junk Cars in Escondido

California’s limited rainfall and year-long sunshine create the perfect conditions for vehicles, limiting the risk of rust and keeping your vehicle running for longer. However, Escondido, like much of San Diego County, is a stone’s throw from the coast, which is full of sea air that is like kryptonite to your vehicle.

When you live near the coast, even the sea can be your enemy, as the heat creates pores in the paint, thus increasing the absorption of salty air. It’s salty, it’s wet, it’s warm, and the result is that your car doesn’t last as long as it otherwise could.

Fortunately, as noted above, there are plenty of places to sell your junk car. You can get a cash offer and use the funds to purchase a new vehicle. Just remember to keep it in the best condition possible and keep an eye on that rust, otherwise, you could be junking another vehicle in a few years.

Selling Junk Cars In California

You can read more about selling junk cars in California here. We cover everything from needing a tile and registration and how much scrap metal is worth in California.