Sell or Donate Your Junk Car in Jamesburg, New Jersey

Located in Middlesex County, Jamesburg, New Jersey is home to fewer than 6,000 residents spread across approximately 2,200 households. Based on the state average, that equates to around 2,000 cars, which doesn’t offer much to the local car removal services and scrap metal dealers.

These can still be found throughout the state, though, and include several independent companies offering top dollar for unwanted vehicles.

The Best Junk Car Services in Jamesburg, New Jersey

The following junk vehicle services operate throughout Jamesburg and surrounding areas and promise to buy junk cars of all shapes and sizes. We haven’t done extensive research on these car buyers, so you should still spend some time researching them and making sure they are reputable and highly-rated.

You may also want to contact several of them to get varying quotes and see which one offers the best price for your used car.

  • Red and Black Auto Inc – (732) 521-9856:A junkyard specializing in both domestic and foreign car parts and cars. It’s one of the few located in Jamesburg itself and has been going strong for a number of years.
  • Auto King Parts and Supplies – (732) 532-1102: Another auto parts specialist operating within Jamesburg.
  • AAA Management – (732) 446-6021: Although this business seems to be operational, its website is down. It has been in business for more than 20 years, though, and there are a number of reviews out there.
  • We Buy Junk Cars South Amboy – (732) 487-3838:Located in Old Bridge, the company does exactly as its name promises, and an instant offer is only a phone call away.
  • Big Junkyard – (732) 416-0441: Promises cash for cars and will take any car in any state. It also sells a wide variety of parts with extensive warranties. 

FAQs about Selling Your Junk Car in Jamesburg, NJ

Do you still have a few questions about junk car removal in New Jersey? Take a look at the following FAQs to better understand this process:

What do I do if the Quote Changes?

If you supplied correct details when you received a quote, then the value of your vehicle should remain the same. However, some less scrupulous junkyards will try to underpay you by showing up with less cash than they promised.

They do this in the hope that people will just accept the money when they see it in front of them. After all, the alternative is to reject them, send them on their way, and then repeat the process of finding quotes and arranging pickups all over again.

For the sake of $20 or so, it’s a no-brainer. However, that’s what they are relying on and they will waste just as much time as you. If you refuse and stand your ground, you’ll likely find that the extra $20 or so will appear out of nowhere and that they are suddenly happy to pay the amount they promise.

If not, and if they waste your time, you should always let your thoughts be known in an online review. It makes the company think twice about undercutting consumers in the future and it warns prospective customers against this practice.

Do I Need to Drive it to the Auto Salvage Yard?

Most junkyards offer free towing and will arrange to come to your location and collect the car. A reputable provider will not charge for this service, providing a hassle-free way to sell your vehicle.

You will get a free pick-up at a time that suits you and they will hand over a cash sum on arrival.

Do I Need to Visit the MVC?

If you are not transferring your plates to a new vehicle, you will need to hand them over. This is a relatively quick and painless process, though.

How do I Know the Company is Legit?

Many of the bigger companies have testimonials on their website, but these aren’t always an accurate representation of the company. You don’t know if they are legit (unfortunately, a number of online testimonials are faked) and even if they are, they only represent a small number of customers and only those who had a good experience.

Run a quick Google search for the company followed by the word “review” or “scam” and see what comes up. A few bad reviews are fine and shouldn’t worry you, but if the internet is full of bad reviews and scam warnings, you may want to think twice.