Sell or Donate Your Junk Car in Keansburg, New Jersey

Keansburg, New Jersey, is home to around 10,000 residents and doesn’t have many attractions, landmarks, or anything else to draw those tourists in. But it does have a few parks, water parks, and theme parks to keep the locals happy and there are plenty of links to major cities in New Jersey and New York.

With all those cars on the road, it’s only natural that Keansburg residents will need to drop by the local junkyards every now and then.

The bad news is that the borough itself doesn’t have much in the way of junk car services, the good news is that there are many in the surrounding areas that will come to you.

What follows is a list of the best junkyards and car removal services that cater to drivers in and around Keansburg NJ.

Peddle – (844) 613-0420: Peddle works with a network of local contractors to pick up your car and pay you on this spot.  Call them at (844) 613-0420 or see how much your car is worth with this online form.

Baron’s Auto Wrecking Junkyard – 732 591-1250: A Monmouth County junkyard that buys junk cars and sells whole vehicles and auto parts.

Rusty’s Auto Salvage – 866 439-4401: A large company that operates in most major locations and promises the best price for your junk car. You can get an instant quote online and over the phone and free towing is available for all Keansburg customers.

Red Bank Recycling and Auto Wreckers – 732 747-7779: Deals in scrap metal and junk vehicles and can take your car off your hands. It pays top dollar and provides fast quotes and transparent pricing over the phone.

Jo-V’s Auto Body – (732) 787-2020: As far as we can tell, this is the only junkyard actually located in Keansburg at the time of writing. There isn’t a great deal of information out there, however, and we haven’t been able to verify the company’s presence. It could be worth adding them to your list though.

Junkyards in the Keansburg Area

Here is a short list of more junk and scrap yards that serve Keansburg and the greater area of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties.

Keasbey Bulk Dropyard
GM7W+8P Keasbey
Woodbridge Township, NJ

Clyde Auto Recycling
6000 Main St
South Amboy, NJ 08879

H & H Auto Wreckers
6 Tyler Ln
Morganville, NJ 07751

Junkyard FAQs for Sellers in Keansburg, New Jersey

If you still have a few questions about selling an unwanted vehicle in Keansburg, take a look at the following FAQs.

How Many Junkyards are in Keansburg?

It’s a very small borough, so there aren’t many auto salvage yards here. Generally, however, you’ll find that many dealers in Monmouth County and across the state will be happy to serve residents of the borough.

If you’re struggling to find a local junk car buyer, you may have more luck working with a major national chain, as they will do the legwork for you. We have listed a couple of options above.

Will I Be Charged for a Quote?

You don’t need to pay anything for a quote and there’s no obligation to sell just because you’ve been given one. Many consumers go from junk seller to junk seller and get multiple quotes before they settle on the best one. You are well within your rights to do this and it won’t cost you a dime.

Do I Need to Pay for Towing?

You shouldn’t need to pay for this service, and you should be wary of any company that asks you to cover the costs. However, it’s not uncommon for them to offer you more money if you agree to drive the car to the salvage yard and drop it off. It saves them time and money and so they are usually happy to put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Will the Quote Change?

If you don’t like the quote that you get now, you can always try again in a few weeks. It might change if the price of metal has increased. However, it shouldn’t change from day to day or hour to hour, and if you’re offered less money than initially quoted because of a so-called “price fluctuation”, you can refuse it and take your car elsewhere.

What Happens to the Car After it Has Been Sold?

If you sell a car to be scrapped, the junkyard will remove any salvageable parts, drain it of its fluids, and then crush it. This gives them a few parts to refurbish and sell and a hunk of metal to scrap.