Sell or Donate Your Junk Car in Newton, New Jersey

Located in Sussex County, New Jersey, the town of Newton is home to fewer than 10,000 residents and doesn’t have many junkyards within reach. These businesses do exist, though, and we’ll highlight the best of them in this guide to auto salvage in Newton.

Junk Car Pick Up & Removal Services

The below are national services that pick up, remove and purchase damaged and broken down cars.

Peddle – (844) 613-0420: or get a free quote online to see how much your car is worth.

The Clunker Junker – (888) 383-4181: Quick pick up, free towing, top dollar, and a hassle-free process, what more could you ask for? Clunker Junker is always a good option if you need a quick sale.

Junk and Salvage Yards in Newton, NJ

If you have an old and unwanted car to sell, take a look at the following salvage yards in the Newton, NJ including: Fredon, Hampton Township, & Andover Township.

A Auto Salvage of Newton – Buys late model domestic and foreign vehicles in addition to SUV, minivan and light trucks.
79 Mt View St
Newton, NJ 07860

George’s Salvage Co. Inc. – A scrap metal specialist dealing in used car parts and scrap cars.
10 S Park Dr
Newton, NJ 07860
(973) 383-4471

North Jersey Auto Wreckers – On-the-spot cash offers for your vehicle from this Byram Township car removal service.
287 Lackawanna Dr
Byram Township, NJ 07821
(973) 347-5800

How to Secure the Best Price for Junk Cars in Newton, New Jersey

Want to make sure you get the very best price for your junk car in Newton? Of course you do! Luckily, the process is pretty simple.

Whether you’re a first-timer scrapping an old Honda or an experienced seller junking a wrecked Toyota, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow:

Get as Many Quotes as you Can

Every junkyard is competing for your business. By shopping around, you’ll be pitting them against one another and edging closer to the best possible price. That doesn’t mean that you should start quoting prices quoted by other junkyards, but rather that you should just call several different companies and see which one has the best price.

See if you Can Sell Privately

You will get more money for your vehicle if you sell it privately, but this only applies if it is still operational.

A junkyard pays you for the metal and whatever parts they can salvage; a private buyer pays you for the car itself. It’s like buying a piece of jewelry as opposed to a few chunks of metal and a gemstone-one is worth considerably more than the other.

Be Wary of Scams

Although rare, scams do exist in this industry and you need to keep them in mind if you want to avoid any disasters. Some of the most common scams include the “bait and switch”, where they will quote one price and then offer another, and overpaying by check, where they’ll ask for the extra amount in cash and the check will bounce.

You don’t need a title to sell your vehicle, but it will complicate things if you don’t have one and you will be offered less money. You also need to think about your license plates (keep them if you’re transferring them; return them if not) and your car insurance (cancel or switch to a new vehicle).

A junkyard can’t do any of these things for you and they shouldn’t offer to do them, either. No one likes being told that they need to deal with paperwork and visit the MVC, but all of these things are relatively straightforward.