We Buy Junk Cars in Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson, New Jersey is the third most populated city in The Garden State, which means there is no shortage of cars littering its many highways and byways. Those fast-moving, high-priced hunks of metal help the region’s 145,000 residents get to work, school, and college. Collectively, they travel millions of miles, cross city and state lines, and explore every inch of this great country.

Whether you’re driving a pricey Audi, an eco-friendly Toyota, or a budget Honda, the final destination is the same: the junk yard. As a result, Paterson, New Jersey is home to several professional junk car services, all offering free quotes and cash for your damaged or old car.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best of these services in Paterson New Jersey.

Best Junk Car Buyers in Paterson

Paterson, NJ is home to several major junk car services, many of which also serve cities like Trenton and Newark. 

For a no hassle way to sell your used car, try one of the following professional services:

Clunker Junker

With nationwide coverage, cash offers, and fast service, Clunker Junker is our pick for the best junk car removal service in the city of Paterson. It has worked with hundreds of customers in the region and a fast quote is always just a message or phone call away.

Junk Car Zone Paterson

Junk Car Zone promises to buy any truck or car in any condition. It pays cash for all vehicles and has a toll free number you can contact to discuss quotes. They promise that the price will not change and guarantee higher rates for cars and trucks manufactured after 2003.

With a reach that extends across New Jersey, including an office in Paterson, Junk Car Zone is a trustworthy company with respectable pricing and friendly service.

US Junk Cars

​With coverage for the entire Paterson area, US Junk Cars is a quick, easy, and hassle-free solution for selling your old vehicle. Same day pick-up can be arranged, and you can get a cash sum using the “cash for clunkers” program.

Junk Car Medics

Junk Car Medics promises a respectable quote on all car makes and models, regardless of the current condition. 

Get a free quote by (855)-437-9728 any time of day and any day of the week. They will arrange a free pickup for your junk vehicle and promise top dollar for scrap value.

Facts About Junk Cars in Paterson, New Jersey

Before you make the call and sell your clunker for cash, take a look at these surprising facts about junk cars in Paterson, and New Jersey in particular.

Rust Damage

New Jersey is part of the “Salt Belt,” a term used to describe regions where road salt is used to minimize ice and snow during the winter. This substance adds some friction to road surfaces and helps minimum road traffic accidents.

On the one hand, fewer accidents mean your car is less likely to be damaged and scrapped, but on the other hand, all that salt may cause corrosion.

Keep in mind that New Jersey is one of the worst states for automobile rust.

Car Accidents

Every year in Paterson, there are approximately 15 to 20 residents involved in fatal car accidents, with hundreds more reporting serious injuries and property damage. All of this creates a lot of customers for the city’s junkyards.

Busy Roads and Aggressive Drivers

New Jersey is notorious for troublesome roads, traffic laws, and drivers. It is not a state for the faint of heart. Not only is it densely populated, but many drivers make daily commutes to and from both Pennsylvania and New York, and if you’re caught in the rush hour, you’ll need nerves and patience of steel to make it through!

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