Sell or Donate Your Junk Car in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Point Pleasant is a small borough located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Not to be confused with Point Pleasant Beach, a separate community, it is home to nearly 20,000 residents and multiple major transport links.

Junk Car Buyers That Serve Point Pleasant 

You can sell your junk car to any of the following businesses. They provide you with an instant offer for your car and a hassle-free service and they cover all of Point Pleasant and the surrounding area.

Peddle – (844) 613-0420: Peddle buys cars and trucks in all kinds of conditions. It will take you 5 minutes to see how much your car is worth with this online tool.

Junk Car Buyers – (732) 965-3276: Based in Toms River, this NJ junk car specialist serves most of the state and promises to pay upwards of $200 for any kind of car.

NJ Kangal Auto Sales – (908) 432 5275: Another salvage yard that serves most of the state, Kangal Auto Sales is also open 24-hours a day.

Car Cash Toms River – (732) 504-6200: The site was down at the time of writing, but recent reviews suggest that the company is still operational.

Jays Junk Cars – (732) 569-8900: Cash for cars across Ocean County and Monmouth County. You don’t need a title, although you will be asked to supply your ID if you don’t have it.

The Clunker Junker – (888) 383-4181: Whether you have a nearly-new Audi or an aging Toyota, Clunker Junker is a good option to ensure you get top dollar for junk vehicles.

Junk Yards Near Point Pleasant

The below junkyards are near enough to serve Point Pleasant as well as Point Pleasant Beach, Bay Head, Brielle and Manasquan.

John Blewett Inc
246 Herbertsville Rd
Howell Township, NJ 07731

NorthEastern Core Recyclers
1525 Prospect St
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Central Jersey Auto Salvage
378 W Commodore Blvd
Jackson Township, NJ 08527

Junk Car Scams to Watch out for in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Junkyard scams are not as common as you might think, but they do occur and there are a few things you need to do to reduce the risk of being scammed and ensure you get the best deal every time.

Bait and Switch

Imagine that you spend some time searching for different junkyards in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. You might start by searching for and then reading this article, before making a few calls, comparing quotes, finding the best one, and then arranging for a pickup.

They offer you $400 based on the details you provide but when the tow truck appears, they offer you just $350 and tell you that the quote has changed. It’s only $50, and you know that if you reject it, you’ll be forced to go back to the drawing board and repeat that time-consuming process.

The companies rarely care about repeat business, as you’ll only use these services once every decade or so. In their eyes, it’s a win-win.

This bait and switch scam is one of the most common and while it’s becoming less common due to online reviews and the accountability they provide, it still happens from time to time.

Just remember that they have invested their time as well. They fielded your query and they arranged for the tow truck. They probably won’t turn back just because you refuse their offer, and even if they do, there are other services out there.

Don’t take less than what you agreed. Stand your ground, and if they try to pull this trick on you, make sure you let others know via an online review.

Insisting on Payment by Check

The best junk car services will pay with cash. It’s quick, easy, and transparent. Some opt to pay by check, and while this isn’t a problem in itself, it could be indicative of a bigger scam.

Some scammers will pay you more than the agreed value of the vehicle and then ask that you cover the difference in cash. The check will bounce, and you’ll lose the car and the cash.

It’s a version of a scam that is rife on online auction sites. Scammers use stolen credit cards to overpay for items and then ask that sellers refund the remainder. When the stolen card is inevitably canceled and the payments are reversed, the seller will lose the item and the money.

Extra Charges

Reputable services provide free towing, but some companies will charge you for this service and only inform you about the charge when the tow truck arrives.

As with the bait and switch scam, they’re hoping that you will just pay the money to finalize the transaction, as they’re assuming you value your time more than your money. But you don’t need to pay these amounts and there are other companies that provide you with the same services completely free of charge.