About Us

Cash For Your Junk Car is an independent publisher. You will not find paid product promotions or sponsored content on this site. You will find affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you purchase through these links. It doesn't cost you anything and it helps us keep the site running. Thanks for stopping by.

We started this site with one goal: To organize junkyards and salvage yards across the county.

We wanted to help people like you find needed parts for your beloved cars, or conversely sell your junk, damaged or unwanted car.

We Help Sell Your Junk Car & Much More

Your relationship with your car is bigger than buying a carbonator or removing your junk car from your driveway. It starts with getting your license, buying your first car, finding the best car insurance for your needs and it grows from there.

As a result, we expanded what we cover on this site well beyond junkyards to cover: car insurance, motor vehicle registration & renewal, driving safety and more.

We also partner with companies across industries to help you remove your car from your driveway and compare car insurance rates (among things). We know that providing information and solving problems are two different things and we want to assist with both.

We aim to be your helpful hand when it comes to your relationship with your vehicle no matter your situation.


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