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It should come as no surprise to learn that flooded cars aren’t very popular.

Buyers won’t be breaking down your door to purchase your rusted automobile, even if you cheekily label it as an “amphibious car” and hope to trick a few naive Craigslist users.

But don’t despair, as there might be hope for your waterlogged car.

Can I Fix a Flood-Damaged Car?

Technically, you can “fix” a car with flood damage, and not just by dumping it into an industrial-sized bag of rice.

The problem is that it will probably take more effort than it’s worth.

Even an insurance company won’t touch a car with heavy water damage, because you just don’t know how much damage has been done to the engine, drivetrain, and electronics.

Even if it seems okay now and you manage to get it cleaned and dried out, you don’t know what will happen in the future when all that moisture begins to rust and corrode while leaving the interior smelling like a teenager’s travel towel.

If you try to fix a flooded car, you may find that you need to pay more than it’s worth just to ensure that everything is pristine, in which case it’s always best to sell it and wash your hands of that washed-out vehicle.

How to Sell a Flood Damage Car

Your options are pretty limited when it comes to selling flood-damaged cars, and salvage companies are often the best way forward.

You need to be honest about the car’s history and you will also need the title, vehicle identification number, and your driver’s license.

Call for a quote, give them the details they request, and they will offer you a cash sum.

Keep your expectations low.

Salvage companies are only interested in the salvage value, the amount of money they can get from salvaging parts and scrapping the metal.

If there aren’t many parts worth salvaging, you won’t be offered much money.

On the plus side, a junk car buyer will take any car in any condition and will also arrange to pick it up from outside your home.

You will get a cash sum for your vehicle and can walk away from the whole mess with your head held high!

What About the Insurance?

If you have comprehensive coverage, then your insurance company should cover flood damage.

They likely won’t pay for any repairs, as they will be too extensive, and they will simply write the car off.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase the damaged car back from the insurance company for its salvage value, at which point it will come with a salvage title.

A salvage title means that the car can only be used for parts.

It’s a worthwhile option if you think that it has some parts worth saving and you need them for personal projects, but if you’re trying to make a quick buck by buying and then instantly reselling, think again!