What Car Parts Will a Junkyard Buy?

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If you want to dispose of your junk car, you should also know which parts can be bought by a junkyard and for how much money.  This is important because remaining in the dark will make you more susceptible to scammers looking to take advantage of you.

On average, junkyards pay between $250 to $500 for junk cars, but these numbers can go up if you sell your vehicle’s individual parts instead. Below are some of the parts that are worth the most money. 

Engine and Transmission

Your car engine is one of the most lucrative parts of your car. If this is working well it should be worth quite a bit, and the same goes for the transmission system. That’s because some car owners with a small budget may prefer buying a used engine or transmission to replace one that just failed.

Once the engine and transmission has been inspected by a junkyard, it can be sold to a new owner with a short-term warranty attached. Apart from individual car owners, auto recyclers and repair shops may also be interested in buying used car engines. 

If your engine is not working, you can still sell it as scrap. That being said, engines and transmission systems are delicate so have them removed by an expert. Keep in mind that their fluids must be drained and disposed of before these parts are transported.

You can also request that the junkyard picks these parts up from your home to save on transportation costs.

Exhaust System

A complete exhaust system costs between $500 and $1,000, so if you have one that is in good condition you should be able to sell it for a decent price. Exhaust systems are always in high demand. 

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires are one of the easiest parts to sell, as they are also always in high demand and are quite easy to remove from your car. The tires can be easily repaired in the event that they’re worn down.

As for the wheels, aluminum alloy wheels will fetch a better price than base-level steel wheels. 


Car batteries can also be sold to junkyards easily.  The average cost of a car battery   in good working condition is $50-$120, but premium batteries will go for about $90 to $120.

Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system is made up of a compressor, condenser, accumulator, evaporator, and orifice tube. Each component serves a specific purpose and can be sold separately.

The compressor in particular is a high-value component that can be reused in a different car, but the condenser is also valuable. The compressor is very delicate and should be removed carefully.

Alternator and Starter

These two items have a large amount of copper wiring inside their steel cases, which increases their values.


The radiator is made of aluminum that can be sold to a junkyard for a good price. Before removing the radiator, make sure you drain out the coolant and pour it out.


If your car’s seats are still in good condition, you can easily sell them to a junkyard. That’s because car owners with old cars are always looking to upgrade their seats for cheap. To make their value go up, you can change their fabric and make them look more appealing. 

Interior Parts

Interior parts, such as door panels, the center console, and the dashboard, can be sold if they are still in good condition. Functional power accessories are also fast moving items at junkyard. This includes power windows, power locks, and power seats.  If the motors have failed, they can be replaced. 


Car bumpers are also an easy sale as long as they are still in good condition. They are made up of different parts, including air inklets, fog lights, brake vents, and aerodynamic aids.

Most car accidents usually involve bumper damage, so if you have one that is intact it will not be hard to find a buyer for it.


Fenders are found at the four corners of a vehicle and are easily destroyed in collisions as a result. Front fenders are much easier to remove than back fenders since the latter are welded onto the body of the vehicle.


Car doors are a valuable car part that can be sold easily. The parts of the door can be sold separately if some parts are not in good condition.

Valuable parts of the door include the following: body panel, window glass, window mechanism, defroster vents, and puddle light.

GPS Navigation System

If your car has this feature and it is still intact, you can sell it to a junkyard. 

Audio System

Your car’s audio system is a fast moving item and most junkyards will not mind buying it. Just remove it carefully and make sure it works before delivering it to the junkyard.


Airbags are a necessary safety feature in all cars and most cars will have several. When an accident happens, the airbags go off and will need to be replaced. Remember that airbags can be explosive and should be removed carefully.

Final Thoughts

Other parts that you may be able to sell include the hood, windshield, and wipers. All of these are relatively easy to sell to a junkyard.