Junkyards in Greenville, North Carolina

Sell Your Junk Car in Greenville, North Carolina

Looking for someone who buys junks cars in Greenville, North Carolina? We can help. No title or registration? No worries. You don’t have the keys? We got you covered. We buy all cars. Used, wrecked and totaled, broken down on the driveway and rusted out junk cars. We can help get you paid, sometimes in cash, for your car typically within 48 hours.

We also have lists of junkyards in Greenville, North Carolina if you are looking to sell your car to a junkyard or salvage yard near you. Alternatively, we can help you sell your car online for cash or donate your car to a non-profit for a tax deduction. Just choose your preferred method of payment and we will help you get rid of that junk car as fast and easy as possible.


Sell Your Junk Car Online

Sell your junk car online and can you can get cash or check within 48 hours. Call (877) 927-4186 or get a quote online.

Auto Salvage
Address: 700 N Greene St, Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: 1-252-758-9187
State: North Carolina
Foss Recycling
Address: 3270 Frog Level Rd, Greenville, NC 27834

Foss Recycling operates out of Durham, North Carolina, and offers assembling, dismantling, sorting, and recycling of scrap metal. We also provide industrial containers, tractor-trailers, load luggers, roll-offs, and lift gate trucks, and buy all kinds of metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, batteries, and more. Each year, millions of tons of our scrap are recycled into new metal products. We have a free pickup service for any commercial or industrial company looking to save time and money. Call us at 866-534-5865 for more information.

Phone: 1-252-378-3166
State: North Carolina
Hardee's Recycling
Address: 211 Pactolus Hwy, Greenville, NC 27834

Hardee's Recycling is a full-service metal recycling company that helps those in the Greenville area sell We buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper,their scrap metal and waste for the best prices in town. aluminum, brass, stainless steel, iron, and many more. We also buy other waste like home appliances, electronic motors, and other electronic waste. Visit our recycling facility in Greenville, North Carolina or call us at 252-752-3904 to get instant cash for your waste.

Phone: 1-252-752-3904
State: North Carolina
LKQ Pick Your Part - Greenville
Address: 4558 U.S. 13, Greenville, NC 27834

Previously known as Foss Auto Recycling, LKQ Self-Service of East North Carolina has more than 1300 vehicles to pull used car parts from. On average they place 75 new used car parts vehicles in the salvage yard each week, offering you fresh inventory to choose from. LKQ Self-Service has acres of popular early and late model used automobiles, both import and domestic, including: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Honda and Toyota as well as many others.

Phone: 1-800-962-2277
State: North Carolina