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Do you have a salvage title vehicle you want to get rid of? Maybe you’ve lost the title to your car and can’t bother to pay for a replacement. You can sell your car for salvage without a title. In this guide, we’ll look at how to do just that.

Preparing to Sell a Car Without a Title

First things first: It’s extremely important that you disclose to any potential buyer that you don’t have the title to your car. If they later discover that the car is a salvage title or worse-stolen unbeknownst to you-you can face some serious legal consequences.

There are a few reasons you may not have the title to your car.

  • The bank still holds the title to your car
  • The car title has been misplaced or severely damaged
  • You bought (or was gifted) the car without a title
  • It’s a salvage vehicle

Don’t worry, as you can still sell the car. If you intend to sell to a private buyer or dealership, do your best to replace the title, if possible. You can do this through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Just call ahead to find out what you’ll need to bring.

If you’re planning to sell your car to a junkyard, you need to do very little! Most scrap yards will purchase your vehicle for parts, even if you don’t have the title. There are exceptions, and selling a cat without a title will also mean you’ll get less money, but it’s still possible in most states.

You can also get a decent amount of money for a scrap car, as a junkyard will strip it for parts and then sell the metal, so even if your car doesn’t run and is old, it has some inherent value.

Getting the Most Money for a Car Without a Title

If you just want your car out of your driveway, selling it as a scrap car is probably the best way to go. Depending upon the condition of the car, the junkyard may make you an offer ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. They pay the same day that they pick up the car.

If you’re looking to make a little more cash for your untitled car, however, consider selling it as-is or for parts. Take your car to a mechanic; he or she can help you “part out” your vehicle. Together you’ll identify the sellable parts of your car.

You can also post your vehicle for sale as-is. Use one of the online marketplaces to sell your car but be absolutely certain the buyer understands there is no title. Note that buyers are often hesitant to buy a car without a title. They can be mechanically unsound and may not even be insurable.

Selling your car for parts or as-is will take a bit longer than selling it to a junkyard. Therefore, if you need cash or garage space quickly, a scrap yard is the best way to go.

Sell Your Car Online

There are services that buy cars without titles. Give them a call to get a quote. It takes about 5 minutes:

Conclusion: How Do I Sell My Vehicle Without a Title?

If you’re looking to sell an untitled car for cash, there are several options available to you. Still looking for more information? Check out these frequently asked questions about selling a car without a title.

Yes. So long as you disclose the status of the title to your buyer, you can sell a car for salvage with no title.

Why Is A Car Title So Important?

Your title shows your legal ownership of the car you’re trying to sell. It’s proof through the DMV that your vehicle is yours and sellable by you. Again, if you’ve simply lost your title, it’s easy to apply for a duplicate, and only costs a nominal fee.

How Can I Make the Most Money for My Untitled Vehicle?

In most cases, the amount of money you get for your untitled car will depend upon how you sell it. If you sell to a private buyer, it will be a slow process and will likely net you very little. This is due to apprehensive buyers. Junk car buyers will pay you a fixed rate for your car, but it’s a very fast process. Parting out your car will generally net you the most but this, too, is a very long process.

I Just Want My Car Gone. Are There Any Other Options?

If you don’t care about selling your car for a lot of money, you can always donate it! Many charities accept untitled cars; the car will be scrapped for money, resold or fixed, and then donated. They take all vehicles and offloading your car through them could net the charity a princely sum.