What Is Peddle.Com?

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Peddle.com is one of the best ways to sell your car online. It’s easy to use, fast, and will take any car off your hands. But how does Peddle work, what benefits does it provide, and what are customers saying about its quotes and customer service?

Let’s find out!

What Is Peddle?

Peddle positions itself as the modern way to buy and sell vehicles. It simplifies the car buying process by offering low-cost used vehicles in good condition, and you can also sell your car through Peddle.

It’s a complete solution for car owners on both sides of the market and more importantly, Peddle.com is completely free to use.

Peddle is also working on accepting used cars for charitable donations. If you have a car taking up space on your driveway, you can donate it through Peddle and it will be used to generate funds for good causes.

Is Peddle Legit?

Peddle.com is a proven and legitimate way to sell your car. It is one of the biggest companies in this sector and one that is trusted by thousands of Americans.

It is 100% legit, and for many customers, it is the best way to sell.

Does Peddle Pay Cash or Check?

Many junk car buyers promote a “cash for cars” service but they don’t actually pay you in cash. You will get a straightforward offer amount and will then be paid with a check.

Checks are easier to document and track and so they provide a safer and more reliable option for both the buyer and the seller.

What Does Peddle Do with Cars?

Peddle has a large buyer network that includes licensed dealers and junk car buyers across the United States.

Vehicle buyers can create preset bids that cover the types of vehicles they want to buy and these are then used to set instant offers for car sellers.

The buyer network makes it easy to car dealers and buyers to find vehicles that suit their needs and it provides some guarantees for Peddle that the car will be sold. This is how Peddle is able to pay top dollar for used cars and junk cars.

Will Peddle Buy a Car That Doesn’t Run?

Peddle.com deals in all used vehicles, including junk cars. You can sell your car regardless of the condition, even if it’s just a shell and you have issues with the car title.

All cars have some inherent value. If it’s operational, it can be sold to a car dealership or a private buyer and used to get them from A to Z. If it doesn’t run but still has all of its parts, it can be stripped, with those parts then sold as salvage.

If it’s a shell that doesn’t run and has very few valuable parts, it will be sold for its scrap metal content.

Reviews: What Are People Saying About Peddle.com?

Peddle has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from previous customers, with many praising the customer service and the ease with which you can sell through Peddle.

As with any major company, there is a very small percentage of negative reviews and complaints, most of which seem to arise as a result of post pickup issues, which are out of Peddle’s hands.

The good news is that these are usually handled swiftly and expertly by the customer service department. If you look at the complaints left on sites like the BBB, you’ll notice that all have received extensive replies within just a few hours and the problems are dealt with promptly, and that’s really all you can ask for.

One of the reasons why Peddle is considered to be the best car buying service is because of this dedicated customer support.

Good customer service is something you don’t always find in companies of this size or even in companies within the car buying sector.

Sell Your Car with Peddle

Contact the company for an initial quote and provide them with some basic information about your vehicle, including the model and condition. Your location is also key, as a tow truck will eventually be dispatched to collect your vehicle.

If you accept an offer, a Peddle agent will pay you a visit to inspect the vehicle and the title. A check will be presented if the car passes the inspection and it will then be collected by a tow truck driver.