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Peddle and CarMax are two of the biggest car buying and selling services out there right now. They are part of a new breed of car services that have coverage across all of the United States and operate mainly online (although CarMax also has a substantial offline presence).

In this guide, we’ll pit Peddle against CarMax and ask which service is best suited for your needs when it comes to buying and selling a vehicle.

Best For Buying a Car: CarMax

Peddle has a large car buying network. Every time it purchases a car from one of its customers, the vehicle is posted to its network, where it can be purchased by the car dealerships, junk yards, and other professional car buyers within.

As an individual seeking to buy a car for personal use, you can’t become part of this network. As a result, Peddle is not ideal if you’re looking to purchase a car.

CarMax, on the other hand, has a huge number of vehicles for you to peruse.

CarMax positions itself as a no-nonsense car buying and selling service. There is no haggling and absolutely no hassle. If you want a quick and easy process and you feel intimidated by all of the haggling that takes place at car dealerships, CarMax is a very good option.

Best For Selling a Car: Peddle

Peddle is a better option for selling a junk vehicle, in our opinion. When you sell a car through Peddle, someone will come out to inspect it and confirm the details, and it will then be taken away. You will get a check for the amount initially quoted and the excellent customer service provided by Peddle means you’ll always have someone to speak to if you have an issue.

In fact, Peddle has the best reputation in this industry and is often praised for its impeccable customer support, as well as the speed at which it processes car sales.

You can sell cars of all makes and models with Peddle and they will also take vehicles in any condition, even if they are not running and only have scrap value.

You can sell a car with CarMax as well, but it might be a little more complicated. You will need to supply the company with a number of details about your vehicle and will then be given an instant cash offer that remains active for a week.

The next step is to book an appointment to have the car inspected, after which you can complete the sale.

CarMax will buy junk cars in some instances, but you will need to take the car to a CarMax location, and this is when things get complicated. If the car is not operational, it means you will need to arrange for towing, and that could be a sizeable expense.

With Peddle, free towing is included and they will collect the vehicle from your location.

Summary: Peddle vs CarMax

As you can see, Peddle and CarMax are two very different companies. As an individual, you may be better off selling through Peddle and buying through CarMax. If you are a professional car buyer and trader, you should also contact Peddle to enquire about joining the Peddle buyer’s network.

And don’t stop with these two companies. Carvana is very similar to CarMax and both should be considered when buying a used car.

You should check with Kelley Blue Book to determine the market value of a used car, which is very useful whether you are buying or selling.

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