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The name "Philadelphia" derives from the ancient Greek words for "love" (φίλος) and "brother" (άδελφός), which is where the nickname "The City of Brotherly Love" comes from. It's a city with over 1.5 million residents, a host of landmarks and museums, and more than its fair share of cultural hotspots.

You'll also find a number of junk car services here, catering for the hundreds and thousands of cars parked in front of the city's 600,000+ households. If you have a junk vehicle waiting to be scrapped, check out these salvage yards, all of which serve the Philadelphia area.

The Best Junkyards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We've highlighted a selection of the very best junkyards serving Philadelphia and the surrounding area, but this isn't a complete list and just because a company isn't listed here, doesn't mean it's not legitimate.

Philly Cash for Cars (215) 791-2422

A major Philadelphia junk car buyer that services the city, along with Bucks County and Montgomery County. You can get an instant quote online or over the phone, and Philly Cash for Cars offers free towing and hassle-free junk car removal.

The company has more than 30 years of combined experience and take most types of vehicle, including trucks, cars, SUVs, and more.


Most of the company's reviews are positive, but we've seen a few complaints from users suggesting that they were quoted one price and then offered another. This is known as a "bait and switch" and it's very common in the industry.

For example, one of the company's reviewers suggests that they were quoted $200, only to be told an excuse about one of the car's parts and given a smaller sum. It can be frustrating if this happens, but there's not much you can do about it. Just remind them what you were offered, refuse to accept anything less, and take your business elsewhere.

It's rare, from what we can see, but on the off-chance that you are given less than you're quoted, just make sure you're prepared to walk away and take your money with you.


Essington Avenue Used Car Parts (215) 492-5700

An auto parts specialist that pays cash for whole cars and serves Philadelphia and surrounding areas. You can't get a quote through the company's website, but you can send an email or make a phone call.

It pays cash for all vehicles and will pick up your car at a time that suits you. Not only is Essington Avenue Used Car Parts a good place to sell your old car for junk, but it also has some affordable used cars on the lot.

There are over 15-acres in total—a lot of land to scour and a lot of cheap cars to peruse.

Miles Towing Service (215) 783 6919

In addition to its towing services and roadside assistance, Miles Towing Service offers cash for junk cars and serves customers throughout Philadelphia, PA. It takes all cars under 10,000 pounds and you can get a free quote online or through the Miles Towing website.

Opening hours are from 7 AM to midnight from Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, and it is closed on Sunday.

Phila Junk Cars (267) 902 6494

Give Phila Junk Cars a call from 7 AM to 6 PM any day of the week to sell your junk car for cash.

You don't need a title (although it certainly helps) and if you're able to drive the vehicle and drop it off, you'll get $30 more, saving the company a few bucks in towing fees.

Orthodox (267) 873 3136

A Philly company that offers same-day pick up on junk and damaged cars. You can get a quote over the phone and arrange for the tow truck to come the same day or at a time that suits you.

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