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There are around 8 million vehicles on Florida's roads, the third-highest in the United States. That's not entirely unsurprising, considering it also has the third-highest population, but what is a little more shocking is that it has the second-highest number of uninsured drivers, as well as some of the most road traffic accidents.

As the largest city in the Sunshine State, Jacksonville has some of the highest rates of car ownership and car accidents of any major US city, leading to a lot of junk vehicles and a huge number of salvage yards catering for them.

In this guide, we'll highlight some of the best services offering junk car removal in Jacksonville, as well as looking at some Q&As and showing you how to get top dollar for your old car.

The Best Junk Car Buyers in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you have a beaten-up Toyota or a broken-down Honda, the following junkyards will take it off your hands.

  • Junk Car Boys – (904) 513-1643: A very highly-rated auto salvage service.
  • J's Towing and Storage – (904) 444-4588: As the name suggests, this company focuses on towing and storage services but also offers to buy junk cars and is worth adding to your list when gathering free quotes.
  • Mohawk Scrap Yard – (904) 551-3477: A good place to pick up some auto parts and get some cash for your vehicle.
  • ABC Junkyard – (904) 378-3100:To some, it's the best scrap yard in Duval County, to others, it's one to be avoided. We can't find any major issues with this particular company and are happy to recommend it. It certainly doesn't hurt to get a quote and see if they offer the best price.
  • Cash for Cars - Jacksonville West and Jacksonville East – 1-855-922-3095: A major chain that is usually very reliable. There are a few negative reviews out there for these particular locations and that's why it's a little further down our list, but it's still worth checking out.
  • Thompson Towing and Recovery – (904) 759-4452: Located in Ramona Blvd, a stone's throw from Cash for Cars Jacksonville West.

Questions about Selling a Junk Car in Jacksonville, Florida

Do you still have questions about selling your junk car in Jacksonville? The process is often much simpler and quicker than you expect, but there are some basic rules that you need to follow and some exceptions that can complicate matters.


Take a look at the following frequently asked questions to better understand the process.

Do I Need a Title?

It seems harsh to suggest that you need a title before you can sell your car. It’s just a piece of paper after all. People move to a new house, they have regular spring cleans, and they have a lot of junk lying around—it’s very easy for pieces of paper to get lost.

Fortunately, losing the title doesn’t mean that you can’t sell the vehicle and there are a couple of options available to you.


If the car is less than 10 years old and worth less than $1,000, you can sell it without a title, although you will need to supply a thumbprint and show your driver’s license. You can also simply go to the Florida DMV and complete the HSMV 82101 form to receive a duplicate title.

How do I Surrender My License and Registration?

You will need to sign over your license and registration when you scrap your car. You can do this by visiting your local DMV or going through a license plate agency or your tax collector’s office.

Can I Sell Privately?

Of course, but only if the car is operational or has some inherent value. In such cases, you should always be upfront and honest with the buyer, but make sure you are firm with regards to your pricing and don’t settle for less than you think the vehicle is worth.

A working car is usually worth more to a private buyer than it is to a scrap yard, although you’ll also have to go through the process of listing the car, dealing with prospective buyers, negotiating the price, and then fielding questions from the buyer when it inevitably breaks down. Being honest about the state of the vehicle will help you avoid the latter, but there’s not much you can do to avoid the former.

You can use sites like Autotrader and even Craigslist to sell your vehicle and wait for the best cash offer to come along.

How Much is my Scrap Vehicle Worth?

It depends on a number of factors, from the size and weight of the car to its age and the state of the engine. Generally, however, you’ll get much less than you expect. Just because you paid $5,000 for your car a few years ago, doesn’t mean it will be worth anything near that to a scrap dealer.

Most scrap cars are sold for just a few hundred dollars, with the average around $200 and $400. Many dealers like to advertise much higher prices and tell you that they pay thousands for junk cars, but these prices are rare and are usually reserved for newer and bigger vehicles, as well as those in good condition.

What Should I Do When it’s Over?

You may need to contact your local DMV to notify them that you have sold your vehicle. If you’re not transferring license plates to a new vehicle, they will also need to be returned. Finally, you should contact your auto insurance company to arrange for your policy to be transferred or canceled.

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