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The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are home to numerous junk car buyers, auto parts companies, and auto salvage yards. If you have an old scrap car that’s taking up space outside your home, you can contact one of these companies to take it away, giving you some free space and a bundle of cash in the process.

Companies listed can help you sell or donate your car in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, MN and beyond.

Sell Your Junk Junk Car in Minnesota, MN

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selling junk cars in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN.

Take a look at the companies above and if you need more information about junk car removal, take a look at our many guides on the subject.

Where You Can Get Your Junk Car Removed In Minneapolis, MN

Junk cars can be picked up and cash paid for in Minneapolis, MN including the following zip codes:

55401, 55402, 55403, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55410, 55411, 55412.

How Much You Can Get For a Junk or Damaged Car In Minneapolis, MN

MakeModelYearZipSold For
JeepCherokee199855402 $                  385
SubaruLegacy201055404 $                  765
VolkswagenJetta201055406 $                  805
ChryslerTown & Country200255408 $                  390
ChevroletSuburban200755430 $                  345
ChevroletCobalt200855421 $                  390
ToyotaCorolla201655454 $               1,025

Junk Car Removal Services That Buy Cars In Minneapolis, MN

Cash Today for Junk Cars(612) 990-0944NA

Junkyards & Salvage Yards That Buy Junk Cars In Minneapolis, MN

All of the following companies cover the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas. Most of them pay cash for junk cars and all of them deal in scrap to some degree. Whether you’re looking to buy junk cars for your personal projects or sell a vehicle and clear space, be sure to give these companies a call.

U-Pull R-Parts

Address: 20418 Highway 65 NE, East Bethel, MN 55011
Phone: 1-763-434-5229


Address: 36 37th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421
Phone: 1-612-217-5920

L & K Auto Recycling

Address: 3550 N 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55412
Phone: 1-763-957-0313

J & M Auto Recycling

Address: 5252 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421
Phone: 1-612-759-9039

Top Cash Auto Salvage

Address: 1635 N Winthrop St., St Paul, MN 55119
Phone: 1-651-675-6496

Atlas U Pull Used Auto Parts

Address: 228 W Sycamore St., St Paul, MN 55117
Phone: 1-651-221-1957

Apex Auto Salvage

Address: 198 Minnehaha Ave E, St Paul, MN 55130
Phone: 1-651-228-1389

Action Auto Parts

Address: 106 Arlington Ave E, St Paul, MN 55117
Phone: 1-651-227-8996

Ace Auto Parts

Address: 754 Rice Street, St Paul, MN 55117
Phone: 1-651-717-4299

Top Dollar for Cars

Address: 1440 Marshall Ave., St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 1-651-775-6057

Crosstown Auto, Inc.

Address: 1440 Marshall Ave., St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 1-651-645-7715

Can You Junk a Car Without a Title, in Minnesota?

If you can show a driver’s license and registration, you should be okay. However, many companies that buy junk cars will insist on a title before they hand over the cash.

Sell your junk car for cash in Minneapolis, MN.

What Happens When I Junk My Car in Minneapolis, MN?

The process begins when you call the companies above. They will ask you some simple questions about your vehicle and once you provide them with the necessary details (make, model, condition), they will give you a free quote.

If you accept, they will arrange to send a tow truck to collect your junk car (most companies offer free towing) at a time that suits you. Once the tow truck arrives, you’ll be given the agreed-upon cash amount, they will take the car away, and you can bid farewell to that old and unwanted car!

Why Do These Companies Buy Junk Cars?

It’s actually quite simple: they pay cash for junk cars because they can sell them for a profit. The first step is to salvage the junk car for scrap, including whatever useful and operational parts they can strip.

When it’s little more than a seemingly worthless shell, the junk car buyers will crush it and sell the scrap metal. We’re talking about a huge hunk of steel, so there’s a lot more scrap value in the vehicle than you might expect.

Minneapolis, MN Vehicle Title & Registration Services

Your local MN DMV office can help you with vehicle title and registration services when it comes to preparing to sell or donate your car.

MN Driver License and Vehicle Services
300 South 6th St,
Minneapolis, MN 55487
(612) 348-8240

Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services
2929 Chicago Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 348-8240

Brookdale Center Driver and Vehicle Services
6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy,
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
(612) 348-8240

Richfield Motor Vehicle Office
6700 Portland Ave,
Richfield, MN 55423
(612) 861-9730

Golden Valley Motor Vehicle
7800 Golden Valley Rd,
Golden Valley, MN 55427
(763) 593-8101

Donate Your Car In Minneapolis, MN

Many charities fund themselves from donations from people like you. Considering donating your car to a local charity. You will be eligible for a tax deduction.

Wheels For Wishes Car Donation
2576 Doswell Ave,
St Paul, MN 55108
(866) 920-0264

Newgate School
2900 E Hennepin Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 378-0177

Donate a Car 2 Charity Minneapolis
7300 Central Ave NE # 4,
Minneapolis, MN 55432
(612) 204-2177

Auto Technical, Inc.
7800 Metro Pkwy,
Bloomington, MN 55425
(612) 919-5526

Kars4Kids Car Donation
(612) 604-2510

Resources For Minneapolis, MN Residents